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Robert Yeo

Robert Yeo

A Poem as a Fan

                         for Elaine

No sooner seated , she folds my handout and fans
Herself. Rupert Brooke and Wilfred Owen
As she soon finds out, upon unfolding, have been
Cooling her. Brooke's Soldier could but Owen's Anthem?

She's fanned them, nonetheless, but can they fan
Her in return? Not just for the moment or for
The duration of my course, can English fans
Be the cool conquerors of the March heat in Singapore?

Can? Or should? Can or should poetry do this?
What passing poems for those who feel the heat?
Poetry that makes nothing happen has sort of
Sprinkled you and made this poem. Sufficent for now. . .

Marina Bay

This was not
new, we made it new,
stole from the sea what
the sea does not need.
We are doing it, again and again.
Sixties, seventies,
Eighties, nineties.
Not dinosaurs
we are raptors of time,
ruthless users users, dis-
respectful movers.
The best renewers after
the Dutch.
Scorning the
sea, loving the sea.