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Wise Women’s Web was founded in 1997 by American Book Award winning poet, Daniela Gioseffi, who remains its editor and publisher. Maryann Siebert and Gabrielle LeMay are Associate Editors. Advisory Editors are Grace Paley, Alicia Ostriker, Rochelle Ratner, Stephanie Strickland and Karen Swenson. Soon, Wise Women’s Web will be reached at www.PoetsUSA.com, a website now being developed especially for poets of social conscience of both sexes. Wise Women’s Web was originally funded by an award grant from The Thanks Be to Grandmother Winifred Foundation to promote the work of mature and accomplished women writers, particularly poets, on the internet.It was nominated for “Best of the Web,” 1998 and was among a small group of finalist in the “Web Lab: PBS” contest. It was also featured in Poets & Writers Magazine in an article by Robert Kendall in 1998. Kendall named it one of fifteen electronic magazines offering good and serious literature.

The motto of Wise Women’s Web will remain the same as it merges into the new e-zine PoetsUSA.com: “A nation which does not know its poets is brutish indeed,” a quote from renown American Poet, Maya Angelou. Some of the writers we have published, aside from those already named above, are Renee Ashley, Karen Alkalay-Gut, Grace Cavalieri, Enid Dame, Linda Lerner, Pwu Jean Lee, Jennifer Ley, Rebecca Seiferle, Myra Shapiro, Barbara Spring, Susan Terris, Gretna Wilkinson, and translations of Anna Akhmatova and Marina Tsevteyeva of Russia, Ilenea Malencioua of Romania, Carilda Oliver Labra of Cuba, and Grazie DeLedda of Italy. Some of the prose features were written by Lady Borton, Madeline Tiger, Cathy Vignale, and Mary Ann Mannino. There is a report on a speech by Gloria Steinem on the horrors of the sexual slavery behind violent pornography as a multi-billion dollar business worldwide. The speech was given at a conference on Racism and Sexism in Atlanta at Emery University.

The new electronic magazine, based in New York City, but nationwide and worldwide in scope will feature works by Stephen Dunn, Robert Pinsky, Joe E. Weil, Robert Bly, Galway Kinnell, Allen Ginsberg, Ishmael Reed, Alfredo dePalchi and many others. PoetsUSA.com will be in operation this winter. Meantime Wise Women’s Web has new features for 2000 to offer.

Daniela Gioseffi also publishes, edits and webmasters Skylands Writers and Artists Association. Inc. homepages soon to be reached via http://www.NJPoets.com Meantime, it features Stephen Dunn, and many other accomplished Jersey poets and authors, at http://www.garden.net/users.swaa. Please visit.