Poems from Poet's Jubilee Anthology, forthcoming The University of Macao, 2006.


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Agnes Vong

Agnes Vong

lover of fairy tales

evening light
a valley of shadows

secrets between my footsteps and
the tangled bushes

a twig from the first branch
for the ash girl

a red apple
for the snowy white girl

a magic door
for the nosy girl

at the end of the valley
my grandmother’s grave


I'm a rat
I sniff

weary legs shuffle along in darkness
nose glued to the grassy floor
smelling food and foe

high above
my swift cousin ambles over the sky
wings almost motionless as she meanders
with the river
eyes down
our reflections meet in the water
an echo of the forest
quivering in cold moonlight

just one step
and I can reach for
the pool of shimmering stars

funeral march
no mourners

a small hut in the grass
by the reeds in the river

the eldest son
caught an eel
but it had to be thrown back

the second son
looked after the chicken farm
culled all of them

now just the youngest son
plays with a chick
—the one that got away

vegetables, rice — all that they ate
even their shit is poison