Iced Water was published in 2000 by Salmon Publishing Ltd.,
Cliffs of Moher,
County Clare, Ireland

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Maggie Tries to Connect

all night she has listened for a voice
not her own
behind the guttering of candles,
riffle of cards,
edges of silence
when radio signals fade

she has worn out her lovers,
abandoned her gurus,
exhausted the Goddess
and the last of the wolves

now under this old oak
she waits in winter light
for a pulse of air
to set the dry leaves whispering again
as once or twice at sixteen

the still small voice
the unheard melodies


"I saw in a dream a statue of me"
-Aelius Aristeides, Sacred Tales

gutted and staring
like a stuffed owl
me: lifesized in bronze

I reach out,
tap the forehead,
and am jolted awake
to the churning
of innards and blood

hours later now
just under my skin
that hollow tremor

Drylands: A Found Poem

this land
is no farming land

it eats
all them years
the dear seed

and never gives it back

(Mrs Reinhard Frerichs of Social Plains, Alberta, writing to Premier Greenfield, Sept 16, 1921, quoted in Empire of Dust by David C. Jones, University of Alberta Press, 1987, p 113.)