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Yidam Tsering

What is True Cannot be Falsified

A black stone soaked in the river cannot be washed white.
A white stone placed under the sun cannot be darkened.
Even if they were buried in a pile of ash,
The rain can still distinguish them!

What is true cannot be falsified.
What is false cannot be true.
This indeed is not difficult to understand!

The Path

On the road I relish the speed of a horse's hoof.
In the desert I admire the heavy load a camel carries.
On the snow mountain that frightens the eagle,
I see the yak with its tongue stuck out jumping like a fierce tiger from the ravine!

Beneath the feet of those who struggle, there will always be a path!

Please do not to think too highly of the one who dives into the water—
The necklaces of my ancestors are the corals deep in that sea!

A Reply

I praise the Amazon which sings the greatness of the native Americans.
I gasp in admiration when the Nile accumulates
the splendor of the 'Thousand and One Nights'.
But I do not therefore blame at all my mother,
Because the Yellow River and the Yangtse River give Gesar
to a world of bright stars!

The civilization of each nationality is not granted in a day!

My responsibility is not to dress up that unfamiliar mother from the faraway place,
But it is to transform my mother's milk into wisdom that composes epics!

Translated by Yangdon Dhondup