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Mary Ellen Redmond’s new chapbook The Ocean Effect from Finishing Line Press


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Contributor Notes

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Mary Ellen Redmond

Mary Ellen Redmond

“The poems in Mary Ellen Redmond’s The Ocean Effect remind us of the necessity of stillness in a world of rupture and disjuncture. Here, the mind of the poet ranges over the sandy edges of shores and tidal marshes, through personal history, the detritus of dreams and the scarred heart we all carry, and distills image and thought and music into poems of great delicacy and sharp insight.The Ocean Effect is a work of depth, maturity and a lively enduring beauty.”
—Mark Wunderlich

“With a wide smooth arc of wit, generosity, arch perception, & an infallible dry prosody linking earned gravitas to dreamsong, Mary Ellen Redmond flushes the placid from our consciousness, restoring the balm of music & stark truths granted by what is. Reading her, gratitude loosens my limbs.”
—Olga Broumas

“What happens when what is seen (and felt) serves as compensation, the vehicle by which M. E. Redmond manages to reaffirm her own value, and by some strange lyrical calculus, the world itself? Herein lie lyrics that honor a state of loveless-ness. Here we witness a transformation: the arduous journey toward becoming one’s own true bride.”
—Timothy Liu

“Mary Ellen Redmond’s The Ocean Effect leaps and turns with economy and honesty in poems which serve as genuflections to her parents and students, to love, and to the natural world. Confident enough to understate, she invites us into spare, glimmering scenes of both longing and redemption. ‘Watch Leaves Fly at the Mercy’ ends with this imperative: ‘look/and whatever tongue called this world/to attention—/ put your ear to its lips.’ Precisely what The Ocean Effect compelled me to do.”
—Deidre Callana