Talk: Spring/Summer 2006

An Interview with Jill Jones: By Rebecca Seiferle

Talk: Fall/Winter 2005

An Interview with Aliki Barnstone: By Abayomi Animashaun

Talk: Spring/Summer 2005

An Interview with Joy Harjo: By Rebecca Seiferle.

An Interview with Mairéad Byrne: By Rebecca Seiferle.

Talk: Fall/Winter 2004

An Interview with Ecuadorian poet, Ivón Gordon Vailakis: By Rebecca Seiferle.

A Conversation with William Pitt Root: By Daniela Gioseffi.

Talk: Spring/Summer 2003

An Interview with Shirley Kaufman: An interview with American-Israeli poet Shirley Kaufman. By Lisa Katz.

An Interview with Gali-Dana Singer: An interview with the Russian-Israeli poet Gali-Dana Singer. By Lisa Katz.

Talk: Winter 2003

Specula: An interview with Australian poet Alison Croggon. By Rebecca Seiferle.

Talk: Fall 2002

The Dream Notebook: An interview with Israeli poet Agi Mishol. By Lisa Katz.

Dream Pool Essays: An interview with Canadian poet Gil McElroy. By rob mcclennan.

riverviews: “Fire on the Lake: Live from Druskininkai” By J.C. Todd.

Talk: Summer 2002

Ravages: An interview with Israeli artist Maureen Fain. By Rebecca Seiferle.

riverviews: “Potluck” By J.C. Todd.

Political Poetry: An interview with the activist poet, Willy Bach. By Liz Hall-Downs.

Performance Poetry: An interview with the Australian and American performance poet, Thom the World Poet By Liz Hall-Downs.

Talk: Spring 2002

Poems from The Evening Sun: An interview with David Lehman. By Rebecca Seiferle.

A mini-interview with Eleanor Lerman. By Nickole Brown.

riverviews: "Messengers" By J.C. Todd.

Introduction to the poetry scene in Queensland, Australai. By Liz Hall-Downs.

Talk: Winter 2002

New Work: An interview with Marvin Bell. By Rebecca Seiferle.

Observations: a look at disaster on the local and global scale. By Joyce Wilson.

riverviews: "More modestly I look on Lithuanian Poetry ' By J.C. Todd.

Commentary upon Lithuanian poetry. By Kornelijus Platelis, Sigitas Geda, Laurynas Katkus, Giedre Kazlauskaite.

Talk: Fall 2001

New Work: An interview with Sam Hamill. By Rebecca Seiferle.

Observations: A journal and consideration of the West Chester Writing Conference.
By Joyce Wilson.

riverviews: By J.C. Todd.

Talk: Summer 2001

The Silk Dragon: Translations from the Chinese: An interview with Arthur Sze. By Rebecca Seiferle.

riverviews: A look at the Lithuanian poetry scene which begins with an invitation to an international poetry festival. The first in a series of columns on Lithuanian poetry. By J.C. Todd.

Talk: Spring 2001

Observations: Joyce follows her column on Poetry Criticism: What Is It For? Burt and Scharf Disagree on Reading Poetry: By Form or Formula? with a critical look at Burt's first poetry collection. By Joyce Wilson.

Talk: Winter 2000-2001

Readymades: An interview with Tony Barnstone. By Rebecca Seiferle.

Observations: Part two of a column on Poetry Criticism: What Is It For? Burt and Scharf Disagree on Reading Poetry: By Form or Formula? By Joyce Wilson.

Talk: Fall 2000

Cultural Memory: An interview with MacArthur Award poet, Eleanor Wilner. By Rebecca Seiferle.

Observations: A look at Poetry Criticism: What Is It For? the recent discussion by Helen Vendler and Marjorie Perloff. By Joyce Wilson.

Talk: Summer 2000

Powder River Breaks: An interview with National Poetry Series poet, David Romtvedt. By Rebecca Seiferle.

Talk: Spring 2000

On the Road to Paradise: An interview with the National Book Critics Circle Award winning poet, Ruth Stone. By Rebecca Seiferle.

The State of American Poetry: An email discussion, hosted by Rebecca Seiferle, with:
    Ellen Dudley, Founding Editor and Publisher of the literary journal, the Marlboro Review.

    Miriam Sagan: Editor and Publisher of Santa Fe Poetry Broadside.

    Lee Sharkey: Editor and on the board of directors for The Beloit Poetry Journal.

    Joyce Wilson: Founding Editor and Publisher of The Poetry Porch.