Talk: Winter 2000-2001

Readymades: An interview with Tony Barnstone. By Rebecca Seiferle.

Observations: Part two of a column on Poetry Criticism: What Is It For? Burt and Scharf Disagree on Reading Poetry: By Form or Formula? By Joyce Wilson.

Talk: Fall 2000

Cultural Memory: An interview with MacArthur Award poet, Eleanor Wilner. By Rebecca Seiferle.

Observations: A look at Poetry Criticism: What Is It For? the recent discussion by Helen Vendler and Marjorie Perloff. By Joyce Wilson.

Talk: Summer 2000

Powder River Breaks: An interview with National Poetry Series poet, David Romtvedt. By Rebecca Seiferle.

Talk: Spring 2000

On the Road to Paradise: An interview with the National Book Critics Circle Award winning poet, Ruth Stone. By Rebecca Seiferle.

The State of American Poetry: An email discussion, hosted by Rebecca Seiferle, with:
    Ellen Dudley, Founding Editor and Publisher of the literary journal, the Marlboro Review.

    Miriam Sagan: Editor and Publisher of Santa Fe Poetry Broadside.

    Lee Sharkey: Editor and on the board of directors for The Beloit Poetry Journal.

    Joyce Wilson: Founding Editor and Publisher of The Poetry Porch.