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“When we say that poetry is strange, we mean not that it is less than intelligible, but exactly the opposite: poetry is intelligibility heightened, strengthened, distilled to the point of astounding us; and also made manifold. Metaphor is intelligibility's great imperative, its engine of radical amazement.”
—Cynthia Ozick


From Europe: translations of this year's winner of the Büchner-Preis — Germany's most prestigious literary award — Wolfgang Hilbig translated by Isabel Cole. Also from Germany, Wally Sayer by Johannes Beilharz. From the French, a new translation of TransSiberianby Blaise Cendrars translated by Ekaterina Likhtik, and Maureen Holm's adaptation of a poem by Paul Valéry.

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From Finland, Miai Tovino's translation of Rita Dahl.

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From Australia: poems by Jill Jones, the political poet Willy Bach, and the performance poet, Thom the World Poet.

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And from the U.S.: John Amen, Renée Ashley, Andrea Hollander Budy, Moira Egan, Charles Fishman, Robert Gibbons, John Guzlowski, H.L.Hix, Maureen Holm, Honorée Fanonne Jeffers, Steve Kronen, Jeffrey Levine, Walt McDonald, Carol Moldaw, Sawnie Morris, Jessy Randall, Michael Scofield, and Pamela Sutton.

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Just Announced

Western States Book Award For Translation:

Arthur Sze's Silk Dragon
The Silk Dragon

Pushcart Prize 2002 to Carol Moldaw.

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Recommended Reading

Pavilion Pavilioncover
By Stephanie Bolster.

Snake at the Wrist cover
By Margaret Kaufman.

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Maureen Fain

Ravages. . .is painted on a special surface which is actually made of layers of powdered Jerusalem rock, so the surface looks and feels like stone. So I spoke about the paintings in the light of our dying in the land. We live with death as a constant element of our lives. It is a fight over rocks. We are irrevocably part of the land, death leaves us scarred irrevocably. And of course once you are aware of death you cannot regain your pristine unknowing state.” An e-interview with Israeli artist Maureen Fain. By Rebecca Seiferle.

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A selection from Ravages, original paintings by Israeli artist, Maureen Fain.

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Diagram page
“There are lots of literary mags online, but none with the exact aesthetic vision and look of DIAGRAM. It's pretty obvious from the first visit to the site that this is a magazine unlike any other: Where else are you going to see a DIAGRAM of The Structure of Guilt? of the BM-1447 Self-Rescuer? of Clothing Insulation Units? ” By Ander Monson, Editor.

Pedestal Magazine “A high-quality literary publication, exclusively online, featuring new and established writers and visual artists. Each bimonthly issue includes an in-depth interview with a featured writer and visual artist, along with examples of their work, as well as poetry, fiction and non-fiction from writers around the world. The magazine serves as a publishing outlet for writers, as well as providing quality literature and art for its readers at no charge. ” By Cindy Ballaro with John Amen, Editors.

Red River Review logo
“I created Red River Review to combine strong writing by contemporary poets with the Internet's distribution capabilities. I had previously edited and produced two print journals and saw the shortcomings of that medium. For example, you never know exactly how many copies you'll need, printing errors can not be corrected and production costs can be extreme. The website eliminates these obstacles and allows me an affordable and efficient process through which to publish the journal. else.” By Bob McCranie, Editor.

“In addition to the current poetry section on three candles, there are also a featured poet section (in which I post a significant amount of work from a single poet that spans his or her career), an archive of all published poetry dating back to December 1999, and an extensive links and resources section. I want three candles to be a resource and an asset to the writing community.” By Steve Mueske, Editor.

“An online journal of the arts, is dedicated to showcasing the best of more traditional art forms such as poetry, prose, criticism and photography, alongside works of art endemic to the medium of the web, such as sound, video, hypertext and digital animation. ” By Ravi Shankar, Editor.
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Special Feature

ccc logo “ The founding editor of Cross-Cultural Communications, Stanley Barkan feels that “the values and insights inherent in the particular world views of endangered languages and cultures are . . . vital” and that “we cannot afford to lose what these different world-view structures offer.” Accordingly, the languages published by Barkan are often attempts to rescue a world view. . .”

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Resources for Writers

Island Muse
“My first visit to Cook Island inspired three short stories and the beginning of a novel, each piece guided by a different voice. Location, location, location, the realtors preach, and they are right, atmosphere encompassing the history of a place as well. Rumor has it that Percy Cook, great-nephew of the famous Captain James Cook, won the island in a card game. His ingenious spirit can be felt today, as the teak drifting in from South American shipwrecks he used to build his house and furniture survived a century of hurricanes.” By Kathy O'Fallon.

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Continuing Features

archipelago logo
We are pleased to announce the latest from Archipelago: “ Last October, Congress passed the Administration's so-called 'U.S.A. Patriot Act,' authorizing the FBI and other Federal agencies to new and nearly unlimited access even to the most innocuous of our individual files. In the U.S. Senate, the only opponent of the bill was Russell Feingold (D-Wis), who has given Archipelago the speech in which he explained why he voted against it. His specific, strong reservations are worth our close attention — of this I am certain. . .” By Katherine McNamara, Editor.


Carol Moldaw
The Lightning Field, sections of which won the 2002 Pushcart Prize, by Carol Moldaw.

Steve Kronen
A chapbook by Steve Kronen.

Robert Gibbons
Time on Water a chapbook by Robert Gibbons.

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pen logo
“All winter I read from collections on my study shelves, picking through poems as if picking through a larder when ordinary household fare failed to pique interest. It wasn't exotic flavors I was seeking but a catholicity of taste as reminder of the reach of the word, how it gathers up the world.” By J.C. Todd.

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What Use Is Poetry in the Contemporary World? :
MTC Cronin.

Poetry in Marseille:
By Rosalind Brackenbury
Rosalind Brackenbury.

Poet Hayden Carruth: Plain Talk By Michael Scofield.

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Mules of Love A review by Suki Wessling. “There's something about Ellen Bass's latest book of poems, Mules of Love, that makes you glad she's not writing about you. If she did, what would she see?”

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Cross-Cultural Communications
Drunken Boat
Island Muse
three candles

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