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Summer 2000 Issue II

"Whoever speaks in primordial images speaks with a thousand voices. . . This is the secret of great art. . . the unconscious activation of an archetypal image and. . . elaborating and shaping this image into the finished work. By giving it shape, the artist translates it into the language of the present, so makes it possible for us to find our way back to the deepest springs of life. Therein lies the social significance of art; the artist is constantly at work educating the spirit of the age, conjuring up the forms in which the age is most lacking. The. . . artist reaches back to the primordial image. . . which is best fitted to compensate the inadequacy and one-sidedness of the present. . . seizes on this image, and . . . brings it into relation with conscious values, thereby transforming it until it can be accepted by the minds of his contemporaries according to their powers."
—C.G. Jung, "On the Relation of Analytical Psychology to Poetry"

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Poetry from Israel:

Natan Alterman

Yehuda Amichai

Miriam Baruch Chalfi

Yocheved Bat-Miriam

Mordechai Beck

Haim Nachman Bialik

Raquel Chalfi

Robert Friend

Leah Goldberg

Hayim Lenski

Dalia Ravikovitch

Yaffa Zins

Poetry from Ireland:

Nessa O'Mahony

Poetry from South America:

Jorge Carrera Andrade

Poetry from the United States:

Steven Ford Brown

David Romtvedt

Charles Fishman

Carol Moldaw

Barry Spacks

Karen Swenson

Sandra Wheeler

Kirby Wright

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Mapping the Poetry World: Reviews

What Really Matters
by Thomas O'Grady
This first book of poems demonstrates the confidence and skill of an accomplished poet, who matches his talent with personality and wit. Is this a talent untested by despair? Not if one remembers the opening poem, “Dark Horses,” about the Irish mosser who is steady on his feet, aware of his limits, and wary of the ocean’s powers.
By Joyce Wilson

Repeat Voyages
Each issue will feature a notable book of the last five years that deserves more critical attention. Personae A look at the selected poems of Peter Abbs, the British poet, Personae and other selected poems .

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Contributor News
The good news of our contributors: Todd Sanders was featured in the Pittsburgh Tribune, Jan Freeman's new collection will be released any moment, Donald Platt's work in Best American Poetry. . .

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Upcoming Issues:

The next issue with be Fall, 2000, online in October. In that issue, we will have features of Paris Press, an interview with poet and editor, Jan Freeman, and new work by Eleanor Wilner and Alan Shapiro.


Powder River Breaks

"Yes, it's a booklength work with the maybe oddball conceit of being written by a cowboy who has no previous experience reading poetry. He tries his hand at "imitating" the poets included in that anthology his father had — The Mirror and the Flame. I plan to write a kind of response, homage, criticism of many of the poems that are included in the American poetic "canon." An interview with Wyoming poet, David Romtvedt, about his new work-in-progress, Powder River Breaks: A Cowboy's Introduction to American Poetry.
By Rebecca Seiferle

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Ports of Call: Websites

Electric Acorn Dublin Writers Workshop

The Dublin Writers Workshop is one of the country's longest established writers groups. It was set up in Dublin in 1981 and first met in the Oak Tavern, Dame Street. Since then, it has convened in a variety of different public houses in the city centre but the Workshop has always ensured that the many anthologies it has published in the interim have kept the word "Acorn" in their title, in memory of the pub where it was first set up. This tradition was maintained when the Workshop established an online presence and began publishing electronically – the title of Ireland's first ever quarterly literary "ezine" is Electric Acorn. By Nessa O'Mahony

Calling the World from Cape Town: Isibongo

African logo The Xhosa word "Isibongo" refers to what is usually translated as praise poems, although some of these are more critical than giving praise to the traditional chief of the tribe. The praise poet, an oral poet, has an important function in the context of traditional society, as its conscience and its memory. Despite the title we did not intend to publish traditional poetry exclusively. In modern times the techniques of praise poetry have entered the poems of modern African writers and played an important role in the poetry which accompanied the struggle against apartheid. With the title we also intended to indicate that we wanted to feature poetry of countries not generously represented in the media of the world.
By Peter Horn

lapoetryfestival The Los Angeles Poetry Festival is a twelve-year-old non-profit arts organization whose one-year old website has lately become the object of our energy and attention — particularly the evolving noir realm. Before I describe our work in progress, however, I should mention that despite the promise of perpetual festivities implied by our name, this organization is involved with many kinds of poetry undertakings beyond the occasional city-wide festival. By Suzanne Lummis

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Sextant and Compass: Resources for Writers

New Mexico CultureNet

New Mexico CultureNet, an independent non-profit organization, was founded in 1997. Its focus is on culture, education, and technology. CultureNet works with artists and writers, youth, educators, and students as well as arts councils, museums, and other groups. CultureNet does strategic planning with cultural organizations around the issue of using technology to increase public access to cultural information; it also builds web sites and databases for cultural organizations. At the heart of CultureNet is its web site, which is made up of many web-based projects, including poetry, painting, photography, teen arts, curricula, links, an artists' directory, a New Mexico cultural events calendar, and more.
By Alex Traube

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Safe Haven:

KotaPress and Kota Journal

In memory of our child Dakota Jones. Our wish is that Dakota's spirit will continue on this earth through the efforts of this independent press that is based in Seattle. At this point all of our efforts have involved poetry to some degree or another. The poetic focus came as a direct result of using poetry to process grief after the loss of Dakota. (Editor's note: a new and updated version of the article that first appeared in our Spring Issue)

By Kara Jones

Editor's Pick

We are pleased to present Jorge Carrera AndradeJorge Carrera Andrade, Ecuador's poet and a great Spanish poet of this century,
and a selection of the poems and translations of Robert Friend Robert Friend, who was considered the pre-eminent English poet of Israel.

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Call For Submissions!!

Switched-on Gutenberg
has a new issue, Cartography, just coming online and a call out for submissions for an upcoming issue of Prose Poetry.
by Jana Harris

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New Sites Featured:

Dublin Writers Workshops Ireland's oldest website, featuring the Electric Acorn and Haiku Spirit

Isibongo a website located in Cape Horn and featuring the best South African work as well as international poetry

L.A. Poetry Festival a site of the Los Angeles poetry scene.

NM Culturenet a site of artists, poets, communities in New Mexico.

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Previously Featured

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The Library
New Works Review
Online Gidean Studies
The Poetry Porch
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Santa Fe Poetry Broadside Switched-on Gutenberg


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Featured Books:

In My Skin Stone
In My Skin
by Karen Alkalay-Gut

Karen Swenson
A Daughter's Latitude: New and Selected Poems
by Karen Swenson

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