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Spring/Summer 2006 Vol.6 Issues 1-11

. . . beyond free poetry there is the free poet.
                                           —Robert Desnos


Mainland China

Xi Chuan
Zhai Yongming
Chen Dongdong
Yu Jian
Sun Wenbo
Ouyang Jianghe
Wang Xiaoni
Yin Lichuan
Yang Qian
Li Sen
Li Nan
Han Dong
Wang Jiaxin

In Tibet


Minorities in China

Yidam Tsering
Luruo Diji
Jimu Langge

Chinese poets abroad

Bei Dao
Ha Jin
Xue Di
Stephen Shu-Ning Liu
Arthur Sze
Timothy Liu

in Taiwan

Chen Kehua
Chen Li
Hsia Yü
Hung Hung

in Macao

Christopher Kelen
Papa Osmubal
Yao Feng
Jenny Oliveros Lao
Agnes Lam Iok Fong
Agnes Vong Lai Ieng

in Hong Kong

P.K. Leung
Louise Shew Wan Ho
Alan Jefferies
Timothy Kaiser

in Singapore

Felix Cheong
Gilbert Koh
Yong Shu Hoong
Alvin Pang
Robert Yeo
Eddie Tay
Toh Hsien Min
Cyril Wong
Arthur Yap


Michael Day, Maghiel van Crevel, d dayton, Huichun (Amy) Liang, Steven Schroeder, Yangdon Dhondup, Simon Patton, Alison Mara Friedman, Wang Hao, Andrea Lingenfelter, Tsui-hua Huang, Mike O'Conner, Inara Cedrins, and Christine Tsui-hua Huang

From Greece

Adrianne Kalfopoulou

From the U.S.

Gail Wronsky
Dzvinia Orlowsky
Darcy Cummings
Carlen Arnett

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Previous Features

Latvian Poetry
What preserves these languages, keeps humans listening, during times of hostile occupation, so they continue, in the words of poet Vizma Belševica, “To be the roots. In subsoil where never a ray/Descends.”

Lithuanian poetry
In 1987-90, the Lithuanian people overturned almost fifty years of oppressive occupations (German, then Soviet) with the “Singing Revolution,”.

Feature of Chinese Poetry

The Modern Poetry of China: Introduction
“This collection is a gathering of poetry from China and its Diasporas. A reader unacquainted with any one part (or more, as is quite possibly the case) will find here a stepping-stone into a poetry culture that is not only distinguished by its extraordinary longevity and continuity (at least 2,500 years) but its extraordinary depth and breadth, in both subject matter and geographic reach. The inclusion of poets who write in English or other languages in Hongkong, Macau, Singapore, and non-Asian locations, indicates that the concept of Chinese-ness in poetry moves writers well beyond China and the Chinese language.”
By Michael Martin Day

Selection of Contemporary Chinese Poetry
Edited by Inara Cedrins

Matter over Mind—
On Xi Chuan's Poetry

“Xi Chuan's WHAT THE EAGLE SAYS, comes from the closing years of an astonishingly turbulent century in the history of Chinese poetry. In the years following the 1911 collapse of the last imperial dynasty, champions of “literary revolution”forcefully argued for literary expression in the vernacular. A New Poetry was to replace age-old classical forms whose rigidity and elitism were felt to thwart the development of a modern literature, and by implication of a modern society. ” by Maghiel van Crevel

Close Shots and Distant Birds Xi
ChuanBy Xi Chuan
Translated by Inara Cedrins

The ProgramSun Wenbo
By Sun Wenbo
Translated by Maghiel van Crevel

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imagescroll of green mountains:
a collection of poems
in the manner of the Tang poet, Meng Jiao
By Christopher Kelen

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Featured Book

by Arthur Sze


Jill Jones
Interview with Jill Jones

And featuring her sonnet sequence Traverse, by Jill Jones

Willis photoBreath, the hours
Photographs by Annette Willis, poems by Jill Jones.

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Gail Wronsky
Anachronistic Night's Dream

by Gail Wronsky

with her essay
One Woman's Jonesing for Wonder

by Dzvinia Orlowsky
with an introduction

from The Artist as Alice:
From a Photographer's Life

with an introduction

On Writing The Artist as Alice:
From a Photographer's Life

By Darcy Cummings

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