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Spring-2002 Vol.3, Issue I

“I am not the I of my poem. But I am responsible for the poem and, therefore, for that I. The poet invents a being, and that being, man or woman, stands before the world, naked and feeling.”
—Sam Hamill

Special Feature

A feature of the best poetry writing from Queensland, Australia, edited by Liz Hall-Downs, including the work of Bronwyn Lea, Brett Dionysius, Melissa Ashley, Ross Clark, Jayne Fenton Keane, David Reiter, Sara Moss, and Kim Downs.

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From Canada, poems by Seymour Mayne and Wendy Morton.

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From Israel: translations of Agi Mishol, Sharron Hass, Admiel Kosman, Rami Saari, translated by Lisa Katz. Also new work by Karen Alkalay-Gut and Rochelle Mass.

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From Europe: new translations by Sean Chapman of Ronsard and by Johannes Beilharz of José Oliver.

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From other areas of Australia the work of Gig Ryan , and Helen Hagemann

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From South America a feature of Delmira Agustini newly translated by Valerie Martinez.

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And from the U.S. poems by David Lehman, R.T. Smith, Eleanor Lerman, Catherine Sasanov, Maureen Holm, Rosalind Brackenbury, Susan Terris, Robert Gibbons, Catherine Kasper, David Vance, Tania Rochelle, and Michael Standaert.

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Recommended Reading

Wild With It
By Aliki Barnstone.

Attempts of Being
By Alison Croggon.

Through the Window
By Carol Moldaw.

Miracles of
Sainted Earth
By Victoria Edwards Tester.

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Ruth Stone.

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E- Interview

David Lehman

“In January 1996 I began writing a poem a day as an experiment. At the time I was working on The Last Avant-Garde: The Making of the New York School of Poets, and in retrospect I imagine I began my daily poem project as a way of getting close to the spirit of two of the New York School's four founding figures, Frank O'Hara and James Schuyler.” An e-interview with David Lehman. By Rebecca Seiferle.

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Clouds over Jerusalem A selection of original digital photographs, Spring 2002, images of light and darkness in the spirit of the times, from Reva Sharon, award-winning Israeli photographer.

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Fluid Ink Press logo
“Now in a second year of publishing, the goals of Fluid Ink Press remain quite simple. A commitment to bringing only the best in verse to the public eye, with a high quality of presentation and providing an environment for the free thinker in all of us.” By Scott Villarosa, Editor.

Janus Head “From its inception in 1998, Janus Head, as an interdisciplinary journal, has aimed to be that opened door at the threshold of a newly charged dialogue among the disciplines. Disciplines themselves are human demarcations, boundaries built across the phenomenal field, both opening up and closing off the thought of one disciplinary domain or another. The interdisciplinary space, then, is one that seeks to give rise to other, provocative modes of revealing, to freshen the blood of the disciplines by interjecting and crossing different bodies of thought, to give credence to various manifestations of truth in human knowledge and experience. ” By Claire Barbetti, Editor.

Masthead logo
“. . .was established in 1998 as a literary arts magazine by Australian poet Alison Croggon and was produced for four issues as a print journal. It has now moved exclusively to the internet for its second incarnation as an occasional journal which embraces writings about poetry, poetics, theatre, contemporary music, politics and much else.” By Alison Croggon, Editor.

“Appearing quarterly, each issue offers a variety of thought-provoking articles, poetry, short stories, essays, artwork, photography, irreverent humor, and off-the-wall items from off the beaten path. The editorials provide an opportunity for The ScreamOnline to pick on anything and everyone. . .” By Stuart Vail, Editor.

storySouth logo
“. . .an independent literary journal featuring the best writings from the new south. Our magazine attempts to capture all the aspects of the modern-day south, from the curse of racism to the budding promise of racial cooperation, from Civil War reenactors to those who see no purpose in battles that are a hundred and fifty years old.” By Jason Sanford, Editor.

waxpoetic logo “One of Waxpoetic's developments is the poetry reading begun in the summer of 2001. The venue is Pete's Candy Store, an Italian shop that once sported an illegal gambling den in back. A friend converted the shop into a bar and the casino into a performance space about two years ago. My series provides an eclectic sampling of poetry in our predominately visual arts enclave.” By Joelle Hann, Editor.

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Interactive Publications
“As a literary publisher I still look for good writing as the key element of any multimedia project. And I look for projects with potential for cross artform presentation because I believe that these kinds of titles will enlarge the audience for literary work. This sets us apart from many publishers who tend to be more conservative about what they take on. On the other hand the work has to have a redeeming commercial value, too. So we walk the tightrope of encouraging hybrid forms while at the same time only taking on work that we think will find a willing market.” By David Reiter, Editor.

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Resources for Writers

Key West Literary Seminar
“. . .has become legendary. Each year audiences of writers and readers are dazzled by the créme de la créme from different genre (biography, journalism, memoir, nature writers, etc.), always with poets present and poet participants, but in 2003 the subject is POETRY. And poets will abound.” By Kay Putney Gantt.

cover of Mocambo Nights“I've hosted a poetry series in Victoria, B.C. for three years; nearly every Friday night for three years. We have an open mike, followed by a featured reader. . .Mocambopo. . . has been going on since 1995.” By Wendy Morton, Host.

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In Print

Runes, A Review of Poetry title “We both publish poetry in on-line zines and love doing this for its immediacy and because of the large numbers of people who read poetry this way today. But still we both believe that putting out a print journal in this era of internet and superfast communication is an act of faith. We like to think there are many people like us who still love the feel of paper and the smell of fresh ink. . .” By Susan Terris, Co-editor.

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Continuing Features

archipelago logo
We are pleased to announce the latest from Archipelago: “Some of us remember, perhaps from our childhood, the horrible story of the murder of a black youngster, Emmett Till, by two white men in Mississippi. We offer a series of reports on the aftermath by James L. Hicks. “Jimmy” Hicks was an eminent black reporter who went down to Sumner, Miss., to cover the trial. Investigating amid the fearful atmosphere in the African American community, he uncovered facts and the whereabouts of a crucial witness, who nonetheless was never called to testify.” By Katherine McNamara, Editor.

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Lithuania Poetry (updated with photos and new commentary)

A feature, edited by J.C. Todd, including work of noted Lithuanian poets and translators. The Nation Sings by the noted scholar and translator Laima Sruoginis.

more modestly I look on lithuanian poetry by feature editor, J.C.Todd.

Commentary by noted poets: Laurynas Katkus, Giedre Kazlauskaite, Kornelijus Platelis, Sigitas Geda.

In Memory of
Nijole Miliauskaite
Nijole Miliauskaite

January 23, 1950 —
March 25, 2002

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Eleanor Lerman An e-chapbook and interview with Eleanor Lerman, an exciting poet of the 70's who has just come back to poetry and publishing with bookcover The Mystery of Meteors from Sarabande Press.

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Poetry and Healing: Two Chapbooks

Lisa Katz Breast Art, a chapbook by Israeli poet and translator, Lisa Katz.

Liz Hall-DownsMy Arthritic Heart a chapbook by Australian poet, Liz Hall-Downs.

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pen logo
“ When, in flash and crumble, the towers came down, the way to the river of childhood opened, sequence was disestablished, and speech fell apart, exposing the inchoate roots of language—all that I had wished for, I was inconsolable, one of thousands of sudden Ereshkigals.” By J.C. Todd.

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Fit of Passion: Public Performance of the Poetics of Gender. By Liz Hall-Downs.

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Sites Featured:

Fluid Ink
Interactive Publications
Janus Head
Mocambo Nights

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