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Photograph of Jan Freeman by Carol Potter copyright © 2000.

Painting on cover is "Letter Ghost" (1937) by Paul Klee. Colored paste (mixture of pigment, chalk, and starch) on newspaper, 13 X 19 1/4". The Museum of Modern Art, New York. Purchase. Photograph copyright © 2000 Museum of Modern Art, New York. All rights reserved.


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Simon Says: bookcover Jan Freeman by Jan Freeman

Comment uponSimon Says:

“Simon Says is just gorgeeous. I needed this book! It's wonderful. I will talk about it. I will give copies to people. Jan Freeman has written an extraordinary piece of work.”- Dorothy Allison

“Jan Freeman, a daughter of Dickinson and Stein, pursues her celebration of vision: solitary, insistent, eccentric. Simon Says is a peculiarly American and feminine pleasure.”- Carole Maso

“If happiness, tenderness, grandiosity, etc. killed the cat, and the cat likes it better that way, what can we expect to die from and will we like it better also? And if the brassiere is in the tree, where are the rest of our things? Will wood save us along with the memory of scent? Is there a simple cure for comfort? And when will the angel arrive with convection in her pocket? It's all in the cadences.” - C.D. Wright

Simon Says was nominated for the National Book Critics Circle Award. Jan Freeman is the author of Hyena which won the Cleveland State Poetry Center Award, and Autumn Sequence, a limited-edition chapbook. Her poems have been published in The Oxford Anthology of Women Writers in the United States, The Arc of Love, Queer Dogs, The American Poetry Review, The American Voice, Chelsea, The Massachusetts Review, and numerous other anthologies and literary journals. Freeman was twice nominated for the Whiting Award and the Pushcart Prize. In 1985, she received first prize from the Academy of American Poets Award. Jan Freeman lives and works in western Massachusetts.

Simon Says is published by Paris Press
P.O. Box 578
Ashfield MA 01330

Paper $13.95 plus shipping and handling.
ISBN# 0-9638183-41