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Poems from I Want Your Chair in this issue of The Drunken Boat

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Elaine Schwager

I Want Your Chair

by Elaine Schwager

I Want Your Chair is Elaine Schwager's first poetry collection. A group of poems from this volume are included in this issue of The Drunken Boat. I Want Your Chair is published by Rattapallax Press and the book comes with a CD of Elaine Schwager reading from the collection.

Praise for I Want Your Chair:

"There are poems here that are the best I've read of anybody in a long time. The poems are strong always in the poet's own language, with no clichés. The forms they take seem natural and right. There is a range of emotion from pensive to defiant and funny. It took a lot of reading, thinking about poetry and writing lines of verse to produce a style as unassailable as this. The kind of imagery in many of Elaine's poems makes them more than intelligent...they can be unsettling."
—Louis Simpson.

"In powerful poems, more intense for their calm voice, Elaine Schwager gives form to historical and personal depths—and the currents between the refreshing absence of self-absorption opens this work to the reader and brightens its dark moments."
—Roger Greenwald, Founder and Editor of Writ

"After several readings of Elaine Schwager's poems, I am captured by both the content and tone of what she has written. She is not merely mourning her grandmother or railing at those who killed her. In her lines the truest and deepest emotions of the survivors are in the foreground. We are lesser people because we did not know the dead or knew them too little. We are better people as we reach back to the dead to carry them forward in our own lives. This is correctly and beautifully Elaine Schwager's passion."
—Arthur Hertzberg

"This unsettling first book is a midrash on how we live now, in a world forever torn and impoverished by emotional trauma and genocide. Elaine Schwager has intimate knowledge of the darkness that can warp and transform ordinary lives, yet poem after poem in this debut collection is stirred to a painful delicacy by her wise and embracing tenderness."
—Charles Fishman