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Samsara Quarterly
V O L U M E  O N E  I S S U E  2

by Sharon Shahan

Samsara Quarterly is still in early infancy with our 3rd issue under way. Our intent is to dispose of old mindsets. We know the difficult task ahead of us and it’s much easier to throw out mismatched socks or an old pair of garden gloves, but we’re interested in what poetry, when stripped of its social engineering, can be. We want to see work from writers who are not afraid to step out of their traditional rolls and explore language, be unabashed, playful, extreme and all things fierce and serious. And though this may come off as rather cliche, we embrace diversity. We don’t want to be a part of any separation process, such as “theme based issues, where we cocoon 'gay' writers or round up a 'women’s' only issue. How uninventive! We want it all at once. Celebrate the very fact that we spring from many directions and reel sometimes in abandon, disappointments, euphoria and in many way’s, the same likeness no matter what our social status.

Samsara’s second issue, accessible until November, features work from Claudia Grinnell. She packs an incredible punch, along with a must read interview conducted by our own Frank Matagrano. Other artists include John Campion, giving us a taste of eco poetry in the making. Drunken Boats own Charles Fishman with a personal favorite of mine, "For My Body." The wonderful spirit of Louie Crew lends us two works along with Linda Sue Park, Jackie Sheeler and featuring photography by David Saxe and artwork by Mary Magin. Many more talents included in our second issue, as well as in Samsara’s first issue, archived and available via our contents page.

I admit to the guidelines page as being rather infant and in need of an updated version. I am working on this, but I have noticed that we don’t receive a lot of hits on the submissions page, further proof that many submitters are not paying attention to them! But they’re basic guidelines for the most part and will stay this way. We do not accept simultaneous submissions unless the work has been solicited from us. We do accept previous published works so as long as they’ve been out of circuit for at least six months, and proper credit is given.

Our third issue is in the making, feature poet under wraps. A few poets included so far are Julie Bonaduce, John Campion, Steve Harris. Photography by our familiar creators, Mark Stirner, John Palcewski and newcomers Jason Daily and Kurt Nimmo. Scheduled for release the second week of November.

Submissions for our third issue are still being accepted.