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four poems, from "voice-over"


one perception must follow immediately and directly
on a further perception

- Robert Creeley

correspondence raging out of control, postcards
& thank-you notes slide thru the slot.

how does freedom explain the frame? how do
firearms & flame-throwers really differ?

its one thing to hear the talking doll
swear like a drunken sailor. gratuities
out of teddy ruxpin.

dont be putting words in my mouth.

popcorn wedged between my teeth
from last nights flick,
a shakespeare for today.

where hamlet wears after-shave; endorses sportscars.


I want now to write about beauty and the eternal reward - Julia Steele

two girls down the stretch of street, same shoes,
thick platform, same hat, & clothes.

i have nothing to say to you now. to say now.

between letters, le s, open a
discourse into another headgear.

emotion betrays everything. tears on the
heartfelt pillow. takes her

comfort there.


it is not a failing
to leave the word for luck out of recipe
- Karen Houle, Ballast

the coffee stain becomes warm. leave out
the words for snow, hail.

the left hand cannot be left. ever compared
to the right hand, others.

or to have a hand in all of this.

once fell in love w/ a plumber. her hands
were rough, could

break a boy like me in two.


Well, who remembers a small purple and yellow bruise long?
- Al Purdy, The Collected Poems

not every collect is a collection

not all select

tearing bits away the side