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Contributor Notes

By Yehuda Amichai (1924-2000)

Translated by Robert Friend




The Two of Us Together,  Each of Us Alone


‘Jointly and severally’—{from a lease contract}


Summer, my dearest, turns again to the dark,

and the lights are all out in the old Fun Park.

The see-saws still go up and down.

The two of us together, each of us alone.


Empty the sea where her ships used to go.

Hard to hold on to anything now.

The soldiers once waited behind the hill.

How much we need of mercy still.

The two of us together, each of us alone.


The moon is sawing the clouds in two.

Let us make love with the armies in view.

Between the armed camps, our parleying

may still perhaps change everything.

The two of us together, each of us alone.


As the first sweet rain was once salt sea,

so, it seems, has my love changed me.

I fall to you slowly.  Receive me, love.

No angel saves us from above.

For the two of us are together. Each of us is alone.



From Found in Translation: Modern Hebrew Poets, a Bilingual Edition

Selected and with an Introduction by Gabriel Levin.

(The Toby Press, 2006)