Bone and Letter, Image and Thought: A Review of Orlando White’s Bone Light. Reviewed by Melissa Buckheit.

A Gathering of Matter/A Matter of Gathering
by Dawn Lundy Martin. Reviewed by Nicole Sealey.

Presence of Light
Exchanges on Light by Jacques Roubaud,
translated by Eleni Sikelianos. Reviewed by Melissa Buckheit.

case sensitive by Kate Greenstreet. Reviewed by Juliet Patterson.

Below Cold Mountain Poems by Joseph Stroud. Reviewed by Rebecca Seiferle.

The White Bridge a chapbook by Francine Sterle. Reviewed by J.C. Todd.

What Really Matters by Thomas O'Grady. Reviewed by Joyce Wilson.

W;t by Margaret Edson. Reviewed by Joyce Wilson.

Personae and Other Selected Poems by Peter Abbs. Reviewed by Rebecca Seiferle.

Reversing the Spell: New and Selected Poems by Eleanor Wilner. Reviewed by Rebecca Seiferle.

Another Desert: The Jewish Poetry of New Mexico, edited by Joan Logghe and Miriam Sagan. Reviewed by Rebecca Seiferle.

LLuiva en el desierto: Rain in the Desert by Marjorie Agosín. Translated by Celeste Kostopolus-Cooperman. Reviewed by Rebecca Seiferle.

Miriam's Daughters: Jewish Latin American Women Poets, edited by Marjorie Agosín. Reviewed by J.C. Todd.

Poems by Anne Michaels. Reviewed by Carol Moldaw.

Measures by Nadya Aisenberg. Reviewed by Joyce Wilson.

A Review of Simple Master by Alice Burdick. Reviewed by Lance La Rocque.

Transit by Susan Donnelly. Reviewed by Joyce Wilson.

Barbara Crooker’s The White Poems and Ordinary Life by Barbara Crooker. Reviewed by Charles Fishman.

I Think of Our Lives, New and Selected Poems by Richard Fein. Reviewed by Joyce Wilson.