Rebecca Seiferle


Translations of Alfonso d’Aquino and Ernesto Lumbreras in Reversible Monuments

Reversible Monuments: Contemporary Mexican Poetry

Reversible Monuments cover

Edited by Mónica de la Torre and Michael Wiegers

There exists a circle of light
and there exists a circle of water

There exists a circle of glass
and there exists a circle of wings

If you throw yourself into it
you see the flame in your own eyes

Alfonso d'Aquino from “Brief Viper”
translated by Rebecca Seiferle

“ Poetry is news in Mexico. . .Reversible Monuments is unique among Mexican anthologies (and nearly all other anthologies) in that it gives each poet ample space to be heard; the poets do not blur together in an amorphous ’Mexicanism.’ Its catholicity of taste, avoidance of nepotism, and recognition of the fact that not all Mexican poetry is written in Spanish makes it far superior to any anthology I know, covering similar ground, that has been published in Mexico itself. An insider’ knowledge has been combined with an outsider’ perpsective.” —Eliot Weinberger, from the introduction.

A Lannan Literary Selection
Copper Canyon Press 2002

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