Pudding House Writers Resource

Pudding House:

A Writer's Resource

by Jennifer Bosveld

Pudding House Writers Resource Center is the umbrella you'll want over you for few days if you're sure you need to get away, get caught up, get back to the manuscript, maybe even obtain some professional 1-on-1 assistance with your poetry, grant proposal, literary resume, or building a chapbook. See their website for lots of detailed information and nearly 30 webpages (that's over 400 paper-pages) of information. Here's what happens at Pudding House:

1. We can help you get published. It's a publishing company. And we can also help you submit your work elsewhere. But to just talk about Pudding House Publications--we have over 90 titles in print including perfect bound poetry anthologies, artsy chapbooks, educational materials, and Pudding Magazine: The International Journal of Applied Poetry. Jennifer Bosveld is the editor; associate editors are Steve Abbott, Doug Swisher, Jim Bosveld, Ben Rader, and Sandy Feen. We're always reading.

Chapbook manuscripts have a $10 reading fee but there's no fee for considering your work for the journal or anthologies, of course.

We also want camera-ready 17 x 22 language art broadsides for signed and numbered limited edition broadsides or posters. Send tubed w/$8 processing and fee.

Pudding House is currently involved in the projects Greatest Hits. Greatest Hits are chapbooks by some of the top academic, community, and small press poets in America. Each chapbook showcases each poet's twelve signature and most requested poems over the publishing life of the poet. Susan Terris' Greatest Hits 1980-2000 was the debut release in April with ten more chapbooks planned by summer. This series is currently by invitation only.

2. Pudding House runs workshops--several a year. This year:

1. MAKING THE POET--A Life That Changes Everything! 2nd Saturdays every month, March thru November, 9:30am-3:30 at Pudding House. Writing and exploring poetry.

2. APPLIED POETRY EXPLORATIONS An Intensive Weekend at Pudding House April 28-30, 2000. A selected few poetry movers & shakers will innovate the next major piece of the poetry revolution. Led by Terry Hermsen, Phil Boiarski, Steve Abbott, and Jennifer Bosveld. See the "workshops" webpage on the website for more information.

3. Bed & Breakfast for Writers. Regular rate per night is $85 for one or two but writers get a 20% discount if they promise to work while they're here and use the place as intended. A splendid library on site, opportunities for consults (fee based), and why not plan your visit during a workshop! See the "Bed & Breakfast" webpage on the website for more information.

There's no end to what you can do while you're at Pudding House and their website is a virtual poetry amusement park. Try the monthly "Word Jar Challenge". Check out "Here's the Title; Where's the Story?" And articles on critiquing, publishing, readings, calls for poems--and for the fun of it, check out "Poetry Calendar Columbus" if you happen to be going to Ohio. They're the keepers of the calendar for Central Ohio.

An amazing poetry space--Pudding House, 60 N. Main St., Johnstown Ohio 43031, 740-967-6060.