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Ms. Joyce Wilson

The Poetry Porch

by Joyce Wilson, Editor and Publisher

The Poetry Porch is a place on the World Wide Web, a walkway adjacent to the main building of the humanities, but with a separate roof under which a few poets have gathered to exchange their original work and ideas about writing.

It provides an entryway to the broad domain of poetry on the Web and invites exploration of poetic disciplines as well as the acquisition of tools of the craft. It is also a narrow colonnade, focusing on the works of specific poets and selections of poems.

A vantage point amidst the ever-changing universe of the Internet, a meeting place, a classroom, a poetry reading, a place of conversation, the Poetry Porch welcomes formal and informal dialogue.

The year 2000 features "Forum on Forgiveness." Nadya Aisenberg has written a series of essays on forgiveness in literature, investigating writing of George Eliot, William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, and Joseph Conrad. Poems include cries from the heart by Richard Fein and Julia Budenz, narrations of history and political testimony by Charles Fishman, family scenes by Rebecca Seiferle, and more. Helen Degen Cohen has contributed a memoir about her return to Poland for the first time since World War II. Martin McKinsey describes how his concentration in Greek literature helped him forgive the strange death of his father.

The Sonnet Scroll has lengthened with new entries by Chris Wallace-Crabbe, Ellen Davis, John Hildebidle, and many others. The invitation to submit original sonnets is ongoing as this unraveling scroll presents traditional and hybrid forms.

The Poetry Porch also organizes presentations of links to poetical texts on-line from libraries at the University of Virginia and Columbia University, Web pages of literary organizations--such as the Favorite Poem Project and the Electronic Poetry Center at Buffalo, publications from Agni to Zyzzyva, and schedules of readings. Send comments and inquiries to Poetry Porch Mail. Or visit The Poetry Porch today.