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Lucia C. Greer

An Internet Journal for All Writers

by Lucia G. Greer, Editor-in-Chief

New Works Review, founded in 1997 by a group of volunteers, is a quarterly not-for-profit journal now in its third year of publication, representing the serious creative writer of all ages. In this period more than 340 new poems, short stories, essays, music, art and photography have been represented by artists from all over the world. Although we are unable to pay a fee, every author keeps all rights to his work, thereby not losing the opportunity to submit his work to conventional platforms. All submissions go through panels of proficient specialists comprising the Selection Committee. Beginning writers' works are published alongside professional writers, thereby encouraging the young and older creative writers. A full year of issues is always on line. Previous years' issues are available on CD-ROM at a modest cost. The number of contributors is held to about thirty authors per issue.

Recently, New Works Review has begun publishing works in serial form, beginning with The Song Stealers by William T. Hathaway, with a new chapter appearing every month. Future proposals include a book of poetry, a book of essays, and a photographer's scrapbook, all presented on-line.

As more volunteers participate, we will be expanding with a monthly news column covering the latest activities of those whose work have been published in our e-zine as well as presenting articles directly related to writing and writers.

Visit us on the web for our Submission Guidelines.

We are always open to suggestions and comments. Please write to Lucia C Greer.