Nathan Hondros is one of the editors of the literary journal Regime Magazine.

Nathan’s work online at Masthead

His collection of short fiction with Australian playwright Damon Lockwood in 2009: Man and Beast


Contributor Notes

Nathan Hondros

Nathan Hondros

Exhibition, Surry Hills, Sydney


like a god I watched

the exact prism of her being


from such a height;

she was luminescent


and throwing sparks

though inside I could see


her talent for shadows

and pitch black.


light begins again

coming in ocean dark blue


in buckling mouths

in the city’s underwater sobs


in fires brute weather

can’t extinguish


in the steel and wire bridge

of our leitmotif.


whatever I imagine is true

so she bends towards me


her hands knowing

all the ways home


finding out the colours

of my unknowable code.





pulling winter weeds

the soil shakes loose


while on our knees

and the edifice comes free


of a winter we can’t keep

it falls yellow around us


it’s even in our hair

and eyes after the rain


which was warm enough

infused with green light


and I’m in pieces

small enough to hold


and this moment

has no parenthesis





from Poems in Reverse


[xv.   untitled fire painting]


names are lost

between the thumb and forefinger

of early morning


all i hear is heavy weather,

syncopation, Scriabin’s fifth sonata

which she hammers


inside my ribs

that brute, that mystic

with his endless backwards phrases


it starts from nothing

when i am face down and refracted

in a basin of cold water


life suspended in that moment

between Slessor’s ‘Five Bells’

and the harbour lights


tossing their fireballs wearily

to the point where flames intersect

and what now do i know of her


as she looks from the window

seeing the orange halflight of geometry

and two empty chairs


where sleep is a handle i grip

and swing like an axe

then lose in the fire


the house is dark

i am four thousand

miles east of here


searching for words

i find them still in her mouth

then in Rimbaud’s letter


of 1871 to Paul Demeny

that you should not read at 3AM :

Donc le poète est vraiment voleur de feu