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Maria Baranda

Eduardo Milan

Pedro Serrano


Sample poems and cover image used with the permission of Copper Canyon Press www.coppercanyonpress.org

bookcover Reversible Monuments: Contemporary Mexican Poetry

Edited by Mónica de la Torre and Michael Wiegers

Publisher's Note:

“Mexican poetry has flourished during the last thirty years, and this ambitious multi-lingual anthology surveys the vibrant and eclectic work of poets born after 1950. The poetry of this new generation reflects a wealth of backgrounds, regions, styles, and especially influences — including tradiotional and inventive narrative, formalism, lyrics, suites, and experimental verse. This is also the first generation of Mexican poets to hold in common an international perspective.”

Reviews of Reversible Monuments: “Featuring over 30 contemporary poets, this anthology is a fresh voice from the south of the border. The language and extended metaphors found in many of these poems are original enough to suggest one of Mexico's finest poets, Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, or Spain's equally complex Baroque poet Luis de Góngora. Nevertheless, each poet's work is unique, and the syntax of the poetry is unmistakably modern." — Starred Review in Library Journal.

“Spacious and accommodating, this work presents a generous number of gracefully translated poems by each poet, a felicitous in-depth approach that makes this much more than a sampler, and a sound decision given the poets’ propensity for long, dreamy poems.…This is without doubt a landmark volume.”


Reversible Monuments: Contemporary Mexican Poetry
ISBN# 1556591594
Paper 675 pp. $20