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More work by this writer can be found in Poetry International #4 (San Diego State University 2000), and on the UN Dialogue Among Civilizations Through Poetry website pages 706-716.


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Translator's note: Thanks to the students of Hebrew University's Literary Translation class, Fall 2001, for their help.

Agi Mishol Agi Mishol

A Little Prayer for Sunday

Give me a break from flashing cops,
the HMO and the temples of social security,
from bookkeepers and the keepers of jargon,
temp agency clerks with helmet-like hair.

They're been shooting here all morning;
the partridge hunters and the dogcatcher
roam my countryside.
filled with black-fisted Orthodox men,
and high-strung poetry critics,
and openmouthed bulldozers
fall like leaves upon my house.

Why is it such a big deal to yield
to a woman like me
who lets others cut her off on the roads.

I who lay me down to sleep with the hens
at the foot of the well-lit shopping malls
Hear my prayer

Please don't add me to the culture package today.

I who am not exempt from anything
Grant me permission
to stay in bed
one more day.

Translated from the Hebrew by Lisa Katz Lisa Katz