Consciousness—that historical relationship between boat and water
—César Vallejo (1928)

Fall 2012/Winter 2013

Editor: Rebcca Seiferle


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Photo credit for Laura Bell: Photo by Terry Bisbee

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"Mermaid" and "Leafboat" by Rebecca Seiferle, copyright 2000.

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“The Corpses” by Laura Bell and Ian Ganassi.

Artwork for “From the Undiscovered Country” by Luis Vasquez La Roche

Watercolour on paper, 2008, by Justine Frischmann in Permissions by Aimee A. Norton

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Poems in Reading the Book: Twenty Poems: New & Selected by Brian Johnstone previously published in listed sources.

Quote on title page from Dennis O’Driscoll’s “Pecking Order” in Dear Life. Anvil Books, 2012.

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