Consciousness—that historical relationship between boat and water
—César Vallejo (1928)


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Niki Herd

Photo Credits: Robert Reese, Niki Herd, Tara Betts, Marcus Jackson, Anastacia (Stacey) Tolbert photographed by Rachel Eliza Griffths

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Quraysh Ali Lanasana's photo by Brent Jones

Christian Campbell's photo by Javier Machado

Cyrus Cassells' photo by Fabrizio Darold

L.K. Alleyne's photo by Kevin Colton

Written by Marcus F. Wicker/Art by Wallace Bridges Jr.

Just Hands Photographs by Rachel Eliza Griffiths

Excerpts and cover image of A Gathering of Matter/A Matter of Gathering
by Dawn Lundy Martin, courtesy of the author and University of Georgia Press.

Cover image of The Definition of Place by Randall Horton (Main Street Rag's Editor Selection) courtesy of the author and Main Street Rag. The quotation on the frontpage is by Indigo Moor, “Splinter of the Path” from Tap-Root courtesy of the author.

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