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"Mermaid" by Phillip J. Valencia, copyright© 2000. All rights reserved.

"Leafboat" by Rebecca Seiferle, copyright © 2000. All rights reserved. "african.jpg" and "isibongo.gif" belong to Isibongo, Peter Horn, copyright © all rights reserved. "electricacorn.jpg" and "electricacorn.banner" belong to Dublin Writers Workshop, copyright © all rights reserved. Photos of Barry Spacks, David Romtvedt, Karen Alkalay-Gut, Charles Fishman, Kirby Wright, Steven Ford Brown, Jorge Carrera Andrade, Robert Friend, copyright © all rights reserved. "suhrkamp.banner" belongs to Suhrkamp Verlag, copyright © all rights reserved.


The Paul Celan poems are used by permission of Suhrkamp Verlag and the English translations by permission of Wesleyan. Copyright © all rights reserved.

Biographical Credits

" The biographies of Leah Goldberg, Dalia Ravikovitch, Haim Nachman Bailik, Hayim Lenski, Yocheved Bat-Miriam, Natan Lenski are by Gabriel Levin, the Editor, of Found in Translation: A Hundred Years of Modern Hebrew Poetry, translated by Robert Friend (Menard Press, London, 1999) and reproduced with permission. Copyright © Jean Shapiro Cantu, all rights reserved.

Interview Credits All poems in "On the Road to Paradise" used by permission of the author, Ruth Stone, copyright© 2000. All rights reserved.

Photo of Ruth Stone used by permission of Jan Freeman, copyright© 2000. All rights reserved.

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The title is in homage to Arthur Rimbaud's "le bateau ivre," The Drunken Boat.

All material in The Drunken Boat is copyrighted and may not be reproduced in any form without written permission.
The Drunken Boat Copyright ©2000. ISSN: 1530-7646. All rights reserved.
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