Consciousness—that historical relationship between boat and water
—César Vallejo (1928)


Rebecca Seiferle

Malta Feature

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Maria Grech Ganado

Excerpt and cover image of The Sword Went Out to Sea (Synthesis of a Dream) by Delia Alton by H.D., edited by Cynthia Hogue and Julie Vandivere, are reprinted courtesy of the University Press of Florida.
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Pubdate: 9/16/2007
University Press of Florida

Photo of H.D. from 21 April 1947 is reprinted with permission of the Schaffner/New Directions H.D. estate and the Beinecke's digital collection of H.D. photographs at Yale University.

Excerpt and cover image from Exchanges on Light by Jacques Roubaud are reprinted courtesy of La Presse.

Photo for the cover image of Arc: "Upside Down" by Bekka Teerlink, 2000.

The quotation on the frontpage is from Barbara Kruger

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