Poems from Poet's Jubilee Anthology, forthcoming The University of Macao, 2006.


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Jenny Lao

Jenny Lao


who deserves more sympathy?
the one drowned
or the one still sinking?

arms still up —
a struggle for the sky
clouds passing

or the wing of the gull

a careless peck
missed fish
and the last breath goes

nothing in the sea
to hold

hide and seek

divine game

soul’s place revealed

revealed there is no hiding

he paid no mind
the naked crowd

set his prophetic eyes
on us


you are
a first encounter
bread that survived me

your body a bridge
singing and laughter

the wedding dress
after ceremony
not to be worn

how many hopes?
a whole world is hidden

and as if day never existed

banquet after dessert,
guests are gone
echoes eloped with

you are
the new animal
come growling for crumbs

your world
arrives in applause