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On Poetry

Knuts Skujenieks
By Knuts Skujenieks

Like philosophy or an exact science, also poetry along with other art forms allows the human being to enter the world and the world to enter a human being. A human is incapable of being immortal or living eternally. Only from the completion of creative work can he gain some sort of short-lived satisfaction.

Poetry interprets the world through words dictated by emotion, thus it is most closely related to music, unlike other verbal art forms (using words). And the more deeply a poet reaches within himself, the more clearly and audibly does he reflect the feelings of his fellow men. Of course, a poet also settles accounts with the times he lives in, with the past and the future. But all of this so-called objective world won’t ring true, if it is not warmed by the poet’s own inimitable breath.

The poet’s creative work is both a profession and a lifestyle, his fate — both a joy and a curse. One can become famous through poetry, but never become wealthy. It is like an obsession that doesn’t leave the poet for all of his life. And only those brief moments of recognition that he occasionally earns from his fellow men, serve as the solitary real satisfaction. For a short while. Then again dissatisfaction sets in propelling a further search. A search for the one and only, the truthful and right word. And always this word arrives without warning.

Translated by Margita Gailitis