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Poetry from Israel - Spring 2002

Karen Alkalay-Gut Karen Alkalay-Gut teaches poetry at Tel Aviv University and chairs the Israel Association of Writers in English. Her 19th book, So Far So Good, is scheduled for publication in September from Sivan. Her new book in Hebrew, Obvious, is forthcoming.

Sharron Hass Sharron Hass (b.1966 Israel) has studied and taught classics at Tel Aviv University. One of the founders of a writing program for gifted adolescents, she has represented Israel at poetry festivals in Rotterdam and Macedonia. Her first book appeared in 1997; her second, The Stranger and the Everyday Woman, this winter.

Lisa Katz Lisa Katz completed her dissertation on Sylvia Plath last year for the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where she teaches. Her poetry currently appears in Leviathan Quarterly (England) issues 2 & 3, and The Reading Room 3 (New York City); her translations from the Hebrew have appeared in The New Yorker, Jubilat and many other magazines. Some poems from the "Breast Art" series have appeared in Nimrod, Rhino, and Inkwell. In this issue, she is represented by her electronic chapbook, Breast Art, and by her translations from the Hebrew of Agi Mishol, Admiel Kosman, Sharron Hass, and Rami Saari.

Admiel Kosman Admiel Kosman (b. 1957 Israel ) is professor of Talmud at Bar Ilan University, the author of five books of poetry (most recently We Have Reached God and A New Commentary, with God's Help ) and a newspaper columnist . His column, a post-modern view of midrash, appears in the Friday edition of Israel's leading newspaper, whose English version may be found at:

Rochelle Mass Rochelle Mass is an editor and translator. She has two chapbooks Where's My Home? in the Premier Poet's Series, Rhode Island, and Aftertaste: Poems and Short Fictions from Ride the Wind Publishing in Canada. A short story has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize 2002 by The Paumanok Review. Canadian-born, she moved to Israel with her husband and daughters in 1973 to a kibbutz in the Jezreal Valley. She now lives in a community crawling up the western flank of the Gilboa mountains in that same valley.

Agi Mishol Agi Mishol (b. 1947 Hungary), co-winner of the first Yehuda Amichai Poetry Prize, awarded this winter, is one of Israel's most important contemporary poets; she is also a farmer, and a teacher of poetry in the MA Creative Writing Program at Ben Gurion University, as well as a literary critic and translator. The Dream Notebook, her ninth book of poetry, was published in Israel in 2001. A New and Selected Works, with an introduction by Professor Dan Miron, is forthcoming from Bialik Press in the fall.

Rami Saari Rami Saari (b. 1963 Israel) took his first two degrees at the University of Helsinki, and is completing his doctorate in linguistics at the Hebrew University, where he teaches. He has published four books of poetry in Hebrew (most recently The Living Book ), translates prolifically from Finnish, Turkish, Spanish, Greek and other languages into Hebrew, and writes literary reviews.