Suheir Hammad

break (word)

yo thunder gun clap
flash flood warning

cumin kizbara a kiss bara
herb quartz strung key feather
door internet iced letters coffee clove guinness beats
beats beats july heat miriam medicine
what you become not just on paper
rasha kabab-ji wa when il millaiyeen
beautiful bosom in love beirut

corner the corniche
stop lean against
a railing wave foreigners goodbye
turn and walk into a bomb

we no longer know language

a-sunder sun dare
ash judge warring
ribs borders razors geneva guava evacuate demonstrate
against blinding
emperor's mission religion

cain and able
the first civil war still raging

humiliate a people distract the rest

trademark star brand dreams
seeds water new world
old words this ain't living

words are against us
there is a math only subtracts

break (full)

wolf visits her dream
licks where the poem
punctures skin
whistles mississippi into her
back bones her
hums a psalm
from upper room

dear god
she miss her dead

dear god everyone she ever love
seen same moon
framed by nar

saturn returned the beautiful
visits her in water
paints her muse
fixes fairuz in morning
um kolthom at night
gazes her awake

wolf and beautiful and all
whose songs she sings

dear god
a woman singing somewhere tight
shoes off toes stretching push
up flesh tone mascara lined lips
almonds smoking hearts

so much love
a living soul
a moon full