Liz Hall-Downs Contributing Editor

Liz Hall-Downs

Australian writer, Liz Hall-Downs' poetry, stories and essays have recently appeared in fourWtwelve, Coppertales , small packages , Journal of Australian Studies , Alternative Australia: celebrating cultural diversity (Enabler, UK), Another kind of space: creating eco-dwellings and environments (Enabler, 2002), and Subversions: generations of contemporary poetry (papertigermedia 2001), as well as in the online journals DIVAN, mangrove , Thylazine and The Drunken Boat (see her poetry in Winter 2002 and her selection of new poetry from Queensland, Australia, along with an introduction to the Queensland poetry scene in Spring 2002.)

In 2000 the poetry collection Girl With Green Hair (Papyrus Publishing) and the historical/environmental poetry CD Blackfellas Whitefellas Wetlands appeared. She has a BA in Professional Writing from Deakin University, and an MA (Creative Writing) from the University of Queensland. She lives in subtropical south-east Queensland, and works variously as an editor, freelance writer and reviewer, community artist and workshop leader.

As a poet/performer, Liz has appeared at countless venues across Australia. Since the early 1980's she has been reciting and singing in public as well as publishing on paper. She has worked with various poetry and music groups, including 'Ozpoets' (USA tour 1994), 'Stand-Up Poets' (1992-4), and 'The Word Warriors' (1990-1). In recent years her performance work has largely been in collaboration with partner Kim in the music/poetry duo, 'Fit of Passion' (featured in Spring 2002).

In 2001 she won the University of Queensland's A.E.E. Pearse Prize for an English Postgraduate Essay, and was awarded a writers' fellowship at Booranga Writers' Centre to work on her current poetry collection, the 'illness narrative' My Arthritic Heart featured in Spring 2002). Other works in progress include a realist novel, The Death of Jimi Hendrix, and a series of essays on performance poetry and the Australian Literary scene. She is a Contributing Editor of The Drunken Boat.

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