Switched-On Gutenberg



Ms. Jana Harris

Switched-on Gutenberg:

An Electronic Poetry Journal of the English-Speaking World

by Jana Harris, Editor

For the theme for our current issue of Switched-on Gutenberg (Vol. 4, #2) the editors chose Food/Hunger/Sustenance. With all the connotations and denotations implicit in this subject, we have quite an array of poems, which the co-editors have arranged like the menu for a seven course feast in a French restaurant.

In keeping with this topic is "The Kitchen as Theater," this issue's celebratory reading, which will take place Thursday, April 27, 7 pm in the demonstration kitchen stage of Third Place Books, Lake Forest Park, Washington. This unique performance poetry reading, directed by Marilyn Lewis, will feature many of the authors included in this issue as well as the talents of a working chef. Food/Hunger/Sustenance will stay active until the end of July 2000.

Our next publication, due out late this summer, will be Switched-on Gutenberg's Millennium issue. The theme: CartographyŚ where have we been, where are we going. The journal will be accepting submissions, including graphics, via Ms. Jana Harris until the end of April 2000.

In choosing poems for any and all issues, we're always looking for a strong sense of voice, a unique vision, excellence in craft, and solid sense of content.