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Full Circle

Full Circle: A Journal of Poetry and Prose

by Allegra Wong and Daniel Blasi

The premier issue of Full Circle, A Journal of Poetry and Prose, emerged online October 15, 2002, and combines poetry, prose, fiction, memoir, and engaging interviews. Issues will appear online every other month and, twice a year, Full Circle will publish a 'best of' print edition. Full Circle's ongoing goal is to make readers think, re-read, and come back. With every issue, we will excite and surprise our audience with evocative work that does more than tell a story, more than recall a memory. Rather, work showcased in Full Circle Journal will move beyond itself and push the boundaries of image and language.

Allegra Wong and T.M. Wright conceived of Full Circle, A Journal of Poetry and Prose in the summer of 2002. From the beginning, the goal of Daniel Blasi, Editor, and Allegra Wong, Editor-in-Chief, has been to offer a forum for established and emerging writers where the synergies of language, voice and texture would, as Whitman said, "make the reader wrestle." Emerson Wong, Designer, and Tom McKeown, Consulting Editor, complete the staff.

Full Circle Journal's first five on-line editions are full of exciting emerging writers and established writers, and the first 'Best of' print issue will appear in March 2003. We are interested in a variety of writing that is well crafted, provocative, and attentive to imagery and language.

Full Circle accepts submissions year-round either by email or snailmail. Submission guidelines can be found on our web site at www.fullcirclejrnl.com.

Allegra Wong can be contacted at wong@fullcirclejrnl.com and Daniel Blasi at blasi@fullcirclejrnl.com

Allegra Wong editor-in-chief,
"Full Circle, A Journal of Poetry and Prose"
P.O. Box 15554 Boston, Massachusetts 02215