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Fluid Ink Press v.03
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by Scott Villarosa

Established in January 2001 and relatively new to the scene of publishing, Fluid Ink Press is a non-profit online poetry journal experimenting in the art of contemporary and free verse poetry. With solidarity, quality and an exceptional standard of content, Fluid Ink Press serves as a strong base for anyone who reads or writes verse.

Offering both new and established poets a chance to have their work published through a creative medium, Fluid Ink Press remains defiant in its stand to allow self-expression and free speech for all. As the Internet offers a viable alternative through which one can reach a global audience and create an interactive multimedia presentation--without the high cost of print, publishing online allows anyone in the world to read Fluid Ink Press absolutely free. In terms of frequency of publication, issues are published bi-monthly, with the exception of minor updates to the site made between each release.

Although based in Australia, Fluid Ink Press welcomes readers from every corner of the globe. Readership base of the publication has grown to include such countries as United States, Australia, Great Britain, New Zealand, and so on.

Fluid Ink Press will review poetry submissions of all genres, though original contemporary and free verse poetry is most favoured. As there is no enforced restriction on subject matter or style; Fluid Ink Press encourages submissions of high quality, imaginative and well-crafted work. Within reason and limitations, Fluid Ink Press is seeking verse that is intense, powerful and interesting; sentimental, hackneyed and rhyme-for-the-sake-of-rhyme poetry is not encouraged. Submissions are accepted year round and are welcomed from both new and established poets alike.

The art of verse can be shared among millions. Used to its full potential, it is a powerful way to capture the imagination, record closest feelings, experiences, thoughts, dreams, fears, obsessions and describe what sometimes can't seem to be said out aloud. Fluid Ink Press does not believe in a right or wrong way to approach any form of poetry, but thrives on the resulting spirit of freedom .

This freedom of approach is the motivation and challenge of Fluid Ink Press. Now in a second year of publishing, the goals of Fluid Ink Press remain quite simple. A commitment to bringing only the best in verse to the public eye, with a high quality of presentation and providing an environment for the free thinker in all of us.


Scott Villarosa, the editor of Fluid Ink Press, is an urban Australian artist who is currently studying an Advanced Diploma in Electronic Design and Interactive Multimedia.


Fluid Ink is currently off line due to server problems. We'll keep you posted.