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Fall 2000 Issue III

Despise poetry, and you'll be named to office.
But to love poetry is like clinging to a mountain . . .

Meng Chiao (751-814), translated by Sam Hamill


from China:

Li Po

Hsu Hsuan

Meng Chiao

T'ao Ch’ien

Tu Fu

Tzu Yeh

Wang Wei

Yuan Chen

from the United States:

Aliki Barnstone

W.D. Ehrhart

Robert Gibbons

Daniela Gioseffi

Sam Hamill

Gray Jacobik

Rebecca McClanahan

Jennifer Rose

Francine Sterle

Arthur Sze


Eleanor Wilner

from Israel:

Mordechai Beck

Jeffrey Green

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Mapping the Poetry World: Reviews

Below Cold Mountain
by Joseph Stroud
. . .one of the best long poems I've read in recent years. The poem "Provenance" serves as an epigraph to the entire volume and is a masterful interweaving. . .
Reviewed by Rebecca Seiferle

The White Bridge
by Francine Sterle
Clarity and economy of image. Fierce intelligence. Diction that flenses the language, strips it of the glitter of ornament and the muddle of unexamined association. These are the foremost virtues of the poems...
Reviewed by J.C. Todd

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Missed our Spring Issue? Just Click Here for our debut issue that contains an interview with Ruth Stone National Book Critics Circle Award Winner Ruth Stone, a discussion with four editors on American poetry, poetry by Thomas Lux, W.D. Ehrhart, Miriam Sagan, a selection of poems from Israel, reviews, features of magazines both online and in print.

In our Summer Issue read our interview with David romtvedt
David Romtvedt
, a selection of poetry and translations from Israel, a feature on Robert Friend, translations of Andrade, poetry by Carol Moldaw, Karen Swenson, features of South African poetry, Dublin Writers' Workshop, and more.

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Contributor News

Publishing news of our previous contributors.

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Eleanor Wilner

Cultural Memory

“The "Russian poet Osip Mandelstam...is reported as saying: I have no personal memory, only a cultural memory. He meant as a poet, I assume. I remember reading this with an enormous sense of relief, as this was precisely my own experience. So much of the past cried out for utterance, especially all that had been silent, or silenced." An e-view with Eleanor Wilner.
by Rebecca Seiferle

archipelago logo

“Dear Friends and Readers, The new issue of Archipelago, Vol. 4, No. 3 Autumn 2000, is on-line, and I invite you to read and enjoy it. You will find there a suite of poems by Rilke, on loss, translated by the American poet Elizabeth Knies, with the originals in German. Are they not a beautiful counterpoint to the heartbreak of Autumn? . . . A letter from Katherine McNamara inviting us into the latest issue of one of the web’s most stimulating journals.

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image Archetypal Images a series of images by Reva Sharon, an award-winning Israeli artist/photographer.

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Ports of Call: World Class Websites

Caribbean Writer logo
An annual literary anthology founded in response to a need for more literary outlets in the Caribbean and a desire to encourage new writing. Historically, writers in the region had suffered because of the paucity or non-existence of publishing companies, and thus literary magazines had been crucial in the development of early Caribbean literature. By the mid-1980s, however, most were barely publishing, and some had ceased altogether. By Dr. Erika Waters

A twelve-year-old non-profit arts organization whose one-year old website has lately become the object of our energy and attention — particularly the evolving noir realm. Before I describe our work in progress, however, I should mention that despite the promise of perpetual festivities implied by our name, this organization is involved with many kinds of poetry undertakings beyond the occasional city-wide festival.
By Suzanne Lummis

Wise Women’s Web logo
Founded in 1997 by American Book Award winning poet, Daniela Gioseffi, who remains its editor and publisher. Maryann Siebert and Gabrielle LeMay are Associate Editors. Advisory Editor are Grace Paley, Alicia Ostriker, Rochelle Ratner, Stephanie Strickland and Karen Swenson. Soon, Wise Women’s Web will be reached at www.PoetsUSA.com, a website now being developed especially for poets of social conscience of both sexes.
By Daniela Gioseffi

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Samsara Quarterly
Samsara Quarterly
is still in early infancy with our 3rd issue under way. Our intent is to dispose of old mindsets. We know the difficult task ahead of us and it's much easier to throw out mismatched socks or an old pair of garden gloves, but we're interested in what poetry, when stripped of its social engineering, can be. We want to see work from writers who are not afraid to step out of their traditional rolls and explore language, be unabashed, playful, extreme and all things fierce and serious.
By Sharon Shahan

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New Features

pen logo Observations: A Column by Joyce Wilson A report on the recent PSA Poetry Series panel discussion of "Poetry Criticism: What Is It For?" by Helen Vendler and Marjorie Perloff.

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Editor's Pick

bookcover We are pleased to offer a selection of translations from Sam Hamill's Crossing the Yellow River: Three Hundred Poems from the Chinese, critically acclaimed as one of the essential works of our time.

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New Sites Featured:


The Caribbean Writer

LA Poetry Festival

Samsara Quarterly

Wise Women’s Web

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Previously Featured

Dublin Writers Workshop
KotaPress Journal
The Library
New Mexico CultureNet
New Works Review
Online Center/Gidean Studies
The Poetry Porch
Pudding House
Rattapallax Press
Santa Fe Poetry Broadside Switched-on Gutenberg


Bellingham Review
Beloit Poetry Journal
BOA Editions
The Caribbean Writer
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Free Verse Poetry Journal
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The Poetry Porch
Pudding House
Rattapallax Press
Samsara Quarterly
Santa Fe Poetry Broadside
Switched-On Gutenberg
Wise Women’s Web

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Featured Books:

Yellow River
Crossing the Yellow River:
Three Hundred Poems from the Chinese

translated by Sam Hamill

Naked as Eve: bookcover
Naked as Eve
by Rebecca McClanahan

The White Bridge
The White Bridge
by Francine Sterle

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Happy Birthday, Arthur! Arthur RimbaudThe Drunken Boat takes its title from Arthur Rimbaud's "Le bateau ivre." Rimbaud was born October 20, 1854. To read the complete poem in English translation.

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In Memoriam:
Yehuda Amichai
Israel's most celebrated poet, Yehuda Amichai, died on Sept. 22, 2000. To read a few of Amichai's poems translated by Karen Alkalay-Gut.
To visit the Memorial at The Institute for the Translation of Hebrew Literature.

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