Current Issue:

Editor’s Preface to Dancing with a Tiger: Poems 1941-1998 by Edward Field.

Epicure of Essence: Robert Friend 1913-1998 by Gabriel Levin.

Previous Issues:

Disability, Poetry, ASL, and Me by Maya Asher.

Poesis Behind Bars
by Richard Hamilton

God's Graffitti: Cave Canem 1996-2008
by Niki Herd

Maltese Literature — The New Writing
by Adrian Grima

Post-Independence Maltese Poetry — An Overview
by Bernard Micallef

Contemporary Writing Scene in Malta
by Maria Grech Ganado

Scraptals by Olga Broumas

THE POETIC WORD AS HOME AND THE WORLD: Introduction to Slovenian Poetry by Robert Titan Felix, translated by Martha Kosir-Widenbauer

THE Quickening by Lillian Baker Kennedy

The Modern Poetry of China: Introduction By Michael Day

Matter Over Mind—Xi Chuan's Poetry By Maghiel van Crevel

One Woman's Jonesing for Wonder By Gail Wronsky

Introduction to chapbook By Dzvinia Orlowsky

Introduction to The Artist as Alice: A Photographer's Life By Darcy Cummings To Be the Roots: Introduction to Latvian Feature. By J.C. Todd

The Butterfly's Apology by Māris Salējs

Do I or don't I. . . By Edvīns Raups

Poetry By Knuts Skujenieks

A Defense of Poetic Witness. By Aliki Barnstone

How Eva Victoria Perera Learned To Fly with Chagall By Aliki Barnstone

The Imaginative Life and the Social Responsibility of Writers By Alison Croggon

Scriptorium By Rosalind Brackenbury

Arbiter of Neither Comfort nor Style: My Mother and Shoes By Joyce Wilson

Interrogating the Heart By MTC Cronin

Time to Transplant: In Memory of Nijole Miliauskaite By Laima Sruoginis

A Question of Responsibility By Claudia K. Grinnell

Fire on the Lake: Live from Druskininkai By regular columnist J.C. Todd

Specula: Mirrors from the Middle Ages By Alison Croggon Poets in Marseille By the writer and journalist, Rosalind Brackenbury.

What Use Is Poetry in the Contemporary World? By MTC Cronin.

Potluck By regular columnist J.C. Todd

"Messengers:" By regular columnist J.C.Todd.

Notes on My Arthritic Heart By Liz Hall-Downs.

Introduction to Queensland Poetry By Liz Hall-Downs.

Fit of Passion: Public Performance of the Poetry of Gender By Liz Hall-Downs (with Kim Downs).

Two Essays on Poetics and the Erotic By Alison Croggon.

The W.B.Yeats International Summer School By Donald Levering.

My Chickens By regular columnist Joyce Wilson.

"The Nation Sings:" By Laima Sruoginis.

"more modestly I look on lithuanian poetry:" By J.C.Todd.

Commentary By Kornelijus Platelis, Sigitas Geda, Laurynas Katkus, Giedre Kazlauskaite.

The Canadian Online Lit Scene
By Canadian Michael Bryson.

Mastering the Master: Appropriations of Crisis Conversion in the Poems of 1862 By Aliki Barnstone.

Universal Net-Meetings and Private Poetics: an Excursus into the Future of Cyber-Culture. By Erminia Passannanti.