Linda E

E.J. Antonio




rituals in the marrow: recipe for a jam session


winter             float

catch broodin         wild eyelashes

set to flame

    an opera

skippin through ages                      larimar nuggets

            need a party:  rent

                        card game: bid whisk

                                    bread: loaf



                                    spam: a can

fried            any way


served upset notice             terra-potted that bone

sullen marrow tricklin up

       garden peas tainted

            moldy leaves

            smushy stems

            rotten              maggot munchin

sweet            bitter


  gave em to great-grandma

passed em to grandma

to momma

back to me


a thievin man stole the pot

               cattin man laid the kettle

            lazy woman  be trouble

            in my sitting-chair



opened my 1807 coffin with a    hallelujah

  got my 2007 gun to shoot em

in the field    copperhead   cottonmouth        bill collector


            put down sulfur

            smell didn't work

   went underground

came up

right side

wrong time

    man cut loose                         

in the graveyard    blues

spinnin roulette

ashes  click

to  click  ashes  click

dust  click

to click dust...

left me out here

shot with my own gun