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By Michael Bryson, Editor

danforth Review logo The Danforth Review (TDR) is an online literary magazine based in Toronto, Canada. "The Danforth" is a colloquialism for Danforth Avenue, which is a major east-west artery leading out of the downtown core to the city's east end. The Danforth is one of the oldest streets in the city. In the 19th century, it was called "The Danforth Highway" and led travelers out of the city eastward towards Kingston and Montreal. Today, Danforth Avenue is the route followed by Toronto's major east-west subway line. It is also the location of "Greek Town" and the location of an enormous street festival every August. Danforth's small family-owned shops and restaurants stretch for miles and reflect the rich cultural diversity of Canada's largest city in miniature.

danforth TDR started in September 1999 as a small, occasional online magazine for up-and-coming fiction writers and poets. The magazine soon expanded to include reviews, interviews, and other features. Michael Bryson is the magazine's publisher and editor. Since TDR's first issue, TDR has grown to include two poetry editors Geoffrey Cook and Shane Neilson a reviews editor Karen Press and currently Nathan Whitlock is serving as the fiction editor for the upcoming issue (which should be online around Christmas 2001).