Cutthroat, A Journal of the Arts

By Pamela Uschuk, Editor In Chief

Cutthroat, a Journal of the Arts is the new literary swimmer spawned in the Four Corners Area. As Poetry Editor, William Pitt Root says, “Among clear-running Western streams still carving their way through the Rockies, 'Cutthroat' refers to the beautiful & endangered trout Richard Brautigan described as 'precious intelligent metal,' the species technically known as Salmo clarki; among the murkier urban backwaters of our nation, 'cutthroat' may refer to unscrupulously greedy angling by any number of fishy types. We mean to keep distinctions sharp by promoting elegant work with an edge.”

Cutthroat seeks to promote and nurture high quality poetry and short fiction by offering two national prizes of $1250 each plus publication—the Joy Harjo Poetry Award and the Rick DeMarinis Short Fiction Award. Second prizes in each genre garner $250 and publication. All finalists are considered for publication. With no biases, other than a bias for literary innovation and excellence, Cutthroat is open to submissions written in English from all over the world. There is no reading fee for regular submissions, but there is a $15 reading fee per submission to our yearly literary competitions.

The 2005 literary award winners are: B.J. Buckley of Lolo, Montana, for her poem, “An Accident of Biology, Geography and Time” and Tehila Lieberman of Cambridge, Massachusetts, for her short story, “The Way I See It.” Second prizes go to: Charles Atkinson of Soquel, California, for his poem, “Rehab Journal,” and Pamela Hawthorne of Charlotte, North Carolina, for her short story, “Ming Ling Zi.”

Our staff consists of editorial assistants Howard Faerstein, Judith Stahl, Laura Warren-Miller, Kevin Watson, and Pamela Uschuk, Editor In Chief, William Pitt Root, Poetry Editor, and Donley Watt, Fiction Editor—fishermen all. We have a slew of fantastic contributing editors, including Sandra Alcosser, Frank Bergon, Robert Olen Butler, Janet Burroway, Rick DeMarinis, Elizabeth Dewberry, Joy Harjo, Richard Katrovas, Zelda Lockhart, Demetria Martinez, John McNally, Jane Mead, Penelope Niven, Dennis Sampson, Rebecca Seiferle and Lyrae van Clief-Stefanon.

Subscriptions to Cutthroat are $22 for two issues or $15 for a single issue. Charter memberships may be purchased as follows:

Weminuche Cutthroat Trout Membership: $1000
      three year subscription to Cutthroat and acknowledgement in the magazine
Lime Creek Cutthroat Trout Membership: $500
      two year subscription to Cutthroat and acknowledgement in Cutthroat Crazy Woman Creek Cutthroat Membership: $100
      a three issue subscription to Cutthroat and acknowledgement in Cutthroat Fingerling Membership: $50
      one year subscription to Cutthroat and acknowledgement in the magazine

Send all correspondence to:
Cutthroat, a Journal of the Arts
P.O. Box 2414 Durango, CO 81302
or email: cutthroatmag@gmail.com

or call us at 970-903-7914/970-884-8623. Be patient. We read all year, except January and February, and our contest deadline is October 1st each year. Our premier issue is due out in Jan/Feb 2006. Go to www.cutthroatmag.com for more information on this new literary beauty. Don't let this lunker slip through your fingers!

Pamela Uschuk, Editor In Chief, Cutthroat, a Journal of the Arts