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by Garrick Davis

Founded in 1998, the Contemporary Poetry Review is an online journal unique in the English-speaking world, devoted as it is exclusively to the criticism of poetry. From its inception, the mandate of this journal has been to provide the general reader with a guide to contemporary poetry, and to serve as an organ of intelligent criticism. To do so, the Contemporary Poetry Review has attempted to encourage criticism that is clear, spacious, and free of academic jargon and politics.

The Contemporary Poetry Review regularly features reviews of established international poets, and interviews with distinguished critics and translators, along with information concerning newly published collections. Over a dozen critics contribute monthly, including Brian Henry and Andrew Zawacki (editors of Verse), Justin Quinn and David Wheatley (editors of Metre), Ethan Paquin (editor of Slope), Ernest Hilbert (Oxford Quarterly), and James Rother.

The readership of the journal is large, and growing. The Contemporary Poetry Review is visited by 15,000 readers each month, and the journal has recently joined Web del Sol--which features such distinguished magazines as the Kenyon Review, Ploughshares, Prairie Schooner, and Conjunctions. The journal is accessed by readers in Australia, India, Egypt, and Germany. Nearly a hundred websites also link to the Contemporary Poetry Review, including Ploughshares, the Poetry Society (UK), The League of Canadian Poets, Barcelona Review, Poetry Today Online , ZYZZYVA , The Guardian (UK), the Poetry Exchange, Big Bridge, Nimrod, Jacket, Georgia Review, Ohio Review, Prairie Schooner, and the New England Review .

Finally, the editor of the Contemporary Poetry Review invites the submissions of critics and reviewers interested in poetry criticism. Contributors to the Contemporary Poetry Review are accepted on a permanent basis, and asked to contribute regularly. An honorarium is distributed monthly. All contributors to the review are extended the following courtesies:

* Contributors are never assigned any work to review; they choose their assignments and their deadlines.

* Contributors have no maximum word count or length restrictions imposed on their work; they are encouraged to write leisurely and quote amply.

* All editorial revisions are submitted to the contributor before a contribution is published, and all revisions may be discussed.

* Review copies are made available to contributors free of charge, and need not be returned.

For more information, please contact the editor cpreview@aol.com

Garrick Davis
Contemporary Poetry Review