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The Common Flesh

By Alison CroggonAlison Croggon

Publisher's Note:

The Common Flesh is Alison Croggon's third full-length collection of poetry. It is a powerful and compelling work in which the often very personal subject-matter of the poems the human body, states of mind, emotional turmoil is expressed, as the poet says, to “create a quality of tension between raw emotional immediacy and a formal poetic aesthetic that has some affinities with Brecht's theory of estrangement”. With their structural delicacy, emotional impact and archetypal resonances, these poems will long remain with the reader.

Review Comment:

“Alison Croggon... is one of the most assured of a new generation of Australian poets.”
A Reader's Guide to Contemporary Australian Poetry

“Often shifting and allusive, her poems can convey the 'strangeness of dream' She can slip in and out of styles as readily as an amphibian slips from land to water.” Australian Book Review Paperback


The Common Flesh
112 pages
Published October 2003
ISBN 1 900072 72 6