Červená Barva Press

By Gloria Mindock

The Červená Barva Press was founded in April 2005. The press publishes books of poetry, fiction, plays, chapbooks, broadsides, and poetry postcards from writers around the world. I welcome writers to query by e-mail or snail mail. However, my normal procedure is to solicit work from writers.

I started this press because of my passion for poetry. I edited the Boston Literary Review (BluR) for 10 years, and I read high-quality submissions during that period. Since the magazine ceased circulation, I have spent many years freelance writing, but see a need for a new publishing forum. This led me to take it a step further and expand into publishing. I know in today's publishing world, competition can be tough. I wanted to provide another outlet for writers who take risks, have a strong voice, and are unique. Eventually I will publish more writing from different countries, particularly authors from Eastern Europe. There are so many wonderful writers in this world and I want to give them more exposure.

Červená Barva Press just had its debut with a unique postcard series. Twenty writers contributed to this project and helped this press get started. They are: Catherine Sasanov, Dzvinia Orlowsky, Diane Wald, Michael Burkard, Rane Arroyo, Eric Pankey, Gary Fincke, Simon Perchik, Gian Lombardo, John Minczeski, John M. Bennett, Barry Casselman, David Ray, Roberta Swann, Loredana Brugnaro, Edward Cates, William James Austin, John Bradley, David Breeden, and Susan Tepper. The postcard series was well received and therefore will be published annually in August.

The press is currently holding an annual poetry chapbook competition that will end December 1, 2005. Every April, there will be a fiction competition with a cash prize and 25 copies for the winning author. I believe firmly in providing the writer extra copies for their acknowledgments. I think this is a nice gesture for editors who are supportive of their contributor's work. In addition to holding these competitions, I also solicit poetry and fiction for the chapbooks. Two forthcoming chapbooks are by poets Judy Ray and Richard Kostelanetz. I will also publish a fiction chapbook by Ian Randall Wilson. In 2007, publication of full-length books will begin. Future books are two plays by British playwright Michael Nash and poetry by CL Bledsoe.

The Červená Barva website highlights the bios of published writers. You will also find submission guidelines, contests, workshops, readings, links, and contact information. You can also sign up for a monthly newsletter and visit the online bookstore. The newsletter has interviews with a poet, playwright, or fiction writer every month. One of my favorite interview topics is for the writer to describe the room they write in. The newsletter also lists poetry and fiction readings in different parts of the country, has an editorial. I often include a “Rant and Rave” section, recommended books, reviews, and literary and theatre events.

Two people have been instrumental in establishing the press. They have been the most supportive and giving of their time. They are my dear colleagues William J. Kelle, the press' Webmaster and Catherine Sasanov, one of the leading contributors.

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