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Yehuda Amichai
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Iris Le'al
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Poems by Karen in Spring 2000


Ms. Karen Alkalay-Gut

Miriam Baruch Chalfi


A small shell
lying on the sand
on the shore of the great sea
Wholly a secret

Wondering at a waterless world
Blinding light
Parching wind

A sculptured seashell
modeled on a rounding galaxy
Its inner space
preserving the murmur
of the vast sea

A small shell
lying on the sand

Even the Colors of the Flowers

Even the colors of the flowers
have followed the light
Silences ascend
into the night

The night is wondering
reaches up to consult the stars

People are lighting lanterns
Whirling around the light
Until the soul spins, dizzy,

And the dark waits from afar

In its lap are wreaths of dreams,
life-like dreams
to seduce the sleepy soul

Miracle of blossoms
Terror of withering
in a single night
on a single heart

Loving loving midnight train
Blindly speeding into the night
To the very end

The night responds
with an echo
from the edge of its longing

The eclipse of the sun was complete
with no one to save it

When my love held me
I was afraid
for they said
evil shall come from afar

And the eclipse of the sun was complete
with no one to save it

Even this you knew not
my unborn son

I have been no bastion for you
from the terror of the world

You followed me
and I slipped away

Your footsteps are imprinted in me
by my longing

Translated by Raquel Chalfi and Karen Alkalay-Gut Karen Alkalay-Gut

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