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This poem is reprinted with permission of Copper Canyon Press, coppercanyonpress.org.

María Baranda

Mónica de la Torre

The Weddings of Flowers Take Place upon the Stigma. Pollen Unfastens When Aurora Begins, and in a Moment Life Redeems Itself and Then Withdraws.

The saint in penitence shouts
for her greatness to be of strength, dancing
in this kingdom without scruples. Teresa
is sovereign in her magnificence and with a bird's voice
warns in her pregnancy: “Open,
I write, soaring up and with hyacinths
I suddenly realize
that I am alive.” And her tongue was tinted
with pure mysteries, her splendor
became the fruitful frame
with braids, her cheeks burning
in hieroglyphs; and in ecstasy,
grateful angels
licked the fear in her weakness.
“Lord, what happened
has happened, now move me toward joy
and with your wings determine who
will be, for me, that single literate
with a self-absorbed heart
who will profitably utter
in prayer: Bitch,
let us make this world together.”