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By Jeremy Voigt

Arbutus is the genus name for the Pacific Madrona tree. It is also the name of a new online literary journal. With our roots in Northwestern Washington we chose the name Arbutus because it is one of our favorite trees in our landscape and frankly, because it sounds good. The Madrona tree has the habit of shedding its maroon bark year round. We thought this an ample metaphor for the ever changing internet. Hoping to start a small press but with a total lack of funding for such an effort, we turned to the Internet. After six months of work we published our first issue in Fall of 2000, featuring the work of James Bertolino, Caitlin Biljan, Anita K. Boyle, Ted O'Callahan, Alyssa Von Lehman. Our Winter and Spring issues quickly followed. The three issues we have published so far have been small, but of high quality. We have also been privileged enough to publish work of people from all over the country along with local western Washington writers.

Arbutus is edited by five dedicated writers, Jeremy Voigt, Jordan Hartt, Jeremy Pataky, Alyssa Von Lehman (who joined after publishing in our first issue), and Maya Zeller. All of us have different "day jobs" but our individual passions for reading and writing have lead us to editing. All five of us spend time on the Internet, but our true love is with books. So, part of our challenge with publishing an online literary journal is to promote reading in general to inspire people to read quality literature both on the web and in book form. Even so, we are interested and open to the exciting forms and possibilities publishing on the internet has to offer. Recently, we have expanded to publish our first hypertext work.

The main component we look for in a piece of writing is engagement as readers. Engagement could be simply at the sonic level, or in the structure of a piece. We are people who love to read and are easily excited by quality work which is fresh and innovative. Currently we are accepting submissions for our Summer 2001 Issue.

Jeremy Voigt, Founding Editor