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The Myth of Amherst

Publisher's Note:

In the 1960's Emily Dickinson became a fashionable icon in the scholarly academy. Many myths grew up around her art and life, her unrequited love, her refusal to publish, her intellectual milieu, her influence upon modern American poetic style. In The Myth of Amherst Ruth Miller exposes these myths and others, and reveals the real reasons for her life as a recluse. Avoiding the distorting lens of 20th century concepts, Miller examines 19th century documents and poems attributed to Dickinson for which no manuscripts have been found. Miller argues that many of these are spurious poems, tinkerings and frauds. The book is written with humor, irony, and compassion.


The Myth of Amherst is Ruth Miller's tenth book. Her first book, The Poetry of Emily Dickison, received the Melville Cane Award from the Poetry Society of America. Professor Miller has a M.A. from the University of Chicago and a Ph.D. from New York University. She taught literature for eighteen years at Brooklyn College, twenty-five years at Stonybrook, as a Fullbright Scholar in Russia and India, as Visiting Professor of English in Japan and Israel. Professor Miller now lives in Israel with an Airedale terrier, a ginger cat, and a Burmese canary.


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