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By Harold Bowes

Alba is a literary ezine edited by Harold Bowes located on the Ravenna Press website

The word “Alba” means morning light, the light at dawn, and is taken from the title to a short poem by Ezra Pound. Although Alba appeared previously in a print version, it is currently an electronic magazine, publishing a new issue on a semi-annual basis.

As a print magazine, Alba appeared only sporadically. The fourth issue was published in 1997, for example, and the third issue in 1984 (yes, that's eighty-four). There would not have been a fifth issue but for the advent of the Internet. Our fifth issue was our first electronic edition.

We are devoted to short poetry exclusively, usually no longer than 12 lines. We have a bias toward free verse although we are open to tanka, haiku, sedoka, sijo, cinquain, and other forms.

Here are some of our favorite poets: Ezra Pound, Kobayashi Yatarô, Emily Dickinson, Matsuo Kinsaku, e.e. cummings, William Carlos Williams, William Stafford, and Duane Ackerson.

Our current issue, issue number six, has several poems on the topic of poetry, a section we call “Poets on Poetry”. The featured poet this issue is Jim McCurry.

Alba accepts original, previously unpublished submissions via email We do not accept paper submissions. We are open to submissions year round. We are not a paying market. Our usual response time is 4-6 weeks.

—Harold Bowes